Brooklyn based Tarform Begin Deliveries of the Luna

Tarform Luna Deliveries

Tarform begins deliveries of the Luna, the innovative tech, material use and design that delivers a one-of-its-kind electric motorcycle

Now ready to begin delivery, the Tarform Luna is the result of tech-innovation, combined with material and industrial design at the highest levels. Starting their journey nearly 5 years ago, the company set out to bring an extremely innovative design from technology to materials.

Tarform is a Brooklyn, New York based company, led by Taras Kravtchouk, a designer, entrepreneur and advisor. He set out to create an electric motorcycle that not only will have zero emission, but will also use as many natural materials as possible, to reduce the overall ecological footprint.

It was debut in 2018, and after some delays opened for pre orders back in mid 2020, targeting to start deliveries in 2021, the company has some minor delays, but Tarform is ready to begin deliveries as announced by the company.

The Luna uses a PMAC air cooled motor, belt drive. The motor packs 41kW, up to 55HP, pushing a top speed of 95 mph (152 km/h). With a battery pack of 10kWh, the Luna has autonomy of 120 miles (192 km) and it can get from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. All specifications as presented on Tarform website.

One innovative part of the design, is the bio-degradable material used, like flax seed weave as a reinforcing mechanism to the composite panel construction that encases the battery. Paint and primers are replaced with algae- and iron based metallic pigments, and maximal use of bio-degradable material across the bike.

The Tarform Luna’s Eco-friendly design captures a concept that doesn’t only target zero emission but also utilizes environment friendly material. It lacks nothing in specification too, with a powerful 55HP motor, belt driven, and 120 miles range, optional “Racer” and “Scrambler” models are .

Tarform Luna Deliveries

The full price will be $24,000, and a limited number of just 54 Tarform Founder Edition bikes were the first bikes for production, hand-built in Brooklyn, these Founder Edition motorcycles are priced at $42,000. The first model of which has already been delivered to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.

Source: Tarform FB, Tarform

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