ARC Vector wins GQ Car Awards 2022, Motorbike Of The Year

ARC Vector motorbike of the year

GQ magazine’s Car Awards 2022 names ARC Vector Motorbike Of The Year

The Arc Vector wins the prestigious GQ Car Awards 2022, named Motorbike Of The Year. Along side top names from the 4-wheelers like Tesla, Rimac, McMurtry and many others, the British cafe racer acheives this milestone after overcoming any hurdle that came their way.

We had a long talk with Mark Truman, founder of Arc Vehicle, over a year ago. Even back then it was clear that Arc’s vision stayed the same despite the hurdles – bringing an exclusive and coveted electric motorcycles with a hi-tech riding experience.

As the company came to production deliveries with the Vector, the team at Arc can take a moment to enjoy the recognition by the renowned GQ magazine. The Vector was always meant to be a “unicorn on the road”, a sight to turn heads, with the exclusivity and a level of customization that means each Vector coming out of the doors at Arc, would come with a distinct style of its own.

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Video from Arc LinkedIn

“We’ve had a rocky road for sure, we had investors drop out on us and then Covid struck – but it’s all about timing, they tell me.”

Arc Vector founder Mark Truman (from GQ magzine)

After taking a look under the hood of the Vector, the battery monocoque shows how Arc eliminates the need for a frame, through directly connecting to the carbon fiber battery module. This approach actually reduces the need for light materials for the frame, since the battery module function as the frame itself.

An elegant design, a new age representation for a Café-Racer breaking the standards of engineering. the Vector runs on a 95kW motor, producing 148Nm of torque that pushes a top speed of 150 mph (240 km/h), the Vector will still run a range of 271 miles (436 km) on a battery pack of 16.8kWh.

The “human machine interface” and riding experience is at the heart of Arc Vector’s technology. Using a haptic system, the Jacket vibrates to alert and warn the rider at increasing intensities as the danger level (say, too much force on a turn) grows. Similar data is collected by existing systems like ABS to determine hard braking, riders’ positions, and more.

All of the technology had to be developed from the get go, as Arc sought to provide a riding experience that can’t be found in other electric motorcycles. Add a helmet with a Heads Up Display and you can see why the future of motorcycles, not necessarily electric ones, is already here today.

ARC Vector motorbike of the year

If you are in a position to shed £90,000 (est), which of course isn’t a light figure, you can own a unique vehicle, that stands at the forefront of engineering and technology. Highly worthy of the award and being named Motorbike Of The Year.

Now completely self-funded with a growing order book (including a couple of Hollywood A-listers) and pre-production models pretty much completed, the world’s most advanced motorbike is almost ready

GQ magazine

Source: GQ magazine

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