The Arcimoto leaning E-Trike Bicycle is Coming Soon – Codename Lean Mean Machine

Arcimoto Mean Lean Machine

This cool leaning E-Trike by Arcimoto, codenamed Lean Mean Machine, is a rethink of e-bicycle.

The stylish looking Mean Lean Machine, just unveiled by Arcimoto, is an electric-trike bicycle, that aims to challenge 2-wheelers for range, comfort and fun, with it’s state of the art leaning technology.

Arcimoto debut the concept Mean Lean Machine at its new facility opening “RAMP IT UP” event on February 22, 2022. The MLM is designed to be a leader in its class of tilting e-trikes, based on Arcimoto’s patented tilting technology.

When the company recently announced of a partnership with Lightning Motorcycles, it was clear that aim for its patented “Tilting Motor Works TRiO” technology to be applied in their vehicles. With the goal of developing the fastest tilting three-wheel motorcycle in the world, we sure didn’t expect that the first trike debut will be a bicycle. But we’re just as happy to share this great looking bike.

With the design style by Arcimoto, the slingshot look on a leaning trike is awesome. The rear monoshock connects the single sided swingarm beautifully, and it takes on a slick and minimalistic look.

The Mean Lean Machine is expected to officially launch late this year sometime in Q4, and is already available for preorder now at With only a $100 fully refundable preorder, you can reserve one today. Full price was not disclosed.

Specifications, range options, pricing, features, and accessories will be unveiled later this year, but from what Arcimoto already reveals they Mean Lean Machine will target 200+ miles range with auxiliary batteries. It will use direct drive and carries 1 or 2 people, but no further technical details were revealed.

Check out the Mean Lean Machine prototype first look:

Video by Arcimoto

“The Mean Lean Machine reflects Arcimoto’s commitment to push the envelope of sustainable mobility,” “We started with the amazing three-wheel tilting technology developed by our Tilting Motor Works division and then packed the MLM with new cutting-edge electric vehicle features, including hub motors on all three corners and a pedal generator, in order to deliver a joyful experience unlike any other in the e-bike category.”

Arcimoto Founder and CEO Mark Frohnmayer.

From what Arcimoto has shown it can do before, it is evident that this E-Trike will not just come in bare metal. Just the hints on the company’s site, stating “Stay tuned for more details… accessories for protection from the elements, storage for delivery, and EV features never before seen on a vehicle in this class“. That’s definitely hinting at the FUV style that we’ve seen – with fully protective cover of the vehicle.

In addition, Arcimoto are easily capable of adjusting this light vehicle to carry storage, and become a utility vehicle, delivery vehicle and possibly much more. And even though we might have thought the first Arcimoto leaning bike will be a much faster one, perhaps even a Lightning Motorcycle cooperation, this can be the right first step in the direction.

Source: Globalnewswire

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