Yamaha “Switch ON” Event Present the NEOS Electric Scooter.

Yamaha NEOS,
Switch ON

SWITCH ON, the official Yamaha electric mobility revealed the company’s NEOS electric scooter.

Yamaha just launched the NEOS, an electric scooter meant for rivaling a 50cc traditional ICE scooter. This came out from Yamaha when they teased the launch just a few days ago. Now the company holds its Switch ON premiere and fully reveal their latest in line of electric scooters, including the new addition, named NEOS.

In the Switch ON premiere, Yamaha Motor Europe’s President & CEO, Eric de Seynes, revealed two electric scooters which will further strengthen Yamaha’s commitment to bring customers innovative and creative solutions to satisfy their needs in an ever-changing world.

“We have seen that we must move on sustainability, efficiency, environmental respect, and obviously Yamaha wants to contribute.”

“In the coming 12 months we will reveal many new models.”

Eric de Seynes, President & CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe

The first new addition in the Yamaha line is NEOS, the electric 50cc equivalent that got the name with a legacy of its own. The name NEOS was first introduced in 1997 for the Yamaha 50cc, and will now be the nametag of the all-electric scooter.

The company’s intention to release eBike models in the course of the year was revealed during the premiere. As well as their future in electric mobility – a hybrid prototype that combines eBike functionality with “50cc-equivalent” performance and all urban terrain ability.

Over the past 2 year, Yamaha has been revealing different concepts, including the E01 scooter, which was previously shown as a concept by Yamaha at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the E01 is intended to take the place of traditional 125cc ICE scooters. But, as was revealed in the presentation, the E01 will only be available in a ride-sharing option, in one of the major cities in Europe.

The project is meant to last for about 2 year and provide Yamaha with the mileage experience through partnership with governmental agencies or local administrations, before launching the E01 for sale.

Yamaha NEOS,
Switch ON

“For the moment it will not be sold.

We will select one big capital in Europe, Paris, Milano, Rome this this level of city and we want to make the full experience, which means that these vehicles will be available as a sharing fleet… you can use it whenever you want…”

Eric de Seynes, President & CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe

The NEOS scooter

With the new color scheme ‘AQUA’, combining the blue of Yamaha, and the green representing eco-friendly and green energy, Yamaha plans to keep this line of color for upcoming models. The timeline expected for the NEOS is to fully launch in 2 weeks, and become available this spring in Europe.

The technical specs that are visually clear are that the Neos has a single sided swingarm, with a spring shock on the rear, with what appears to be a hub motor. The design sticks to traditional aspects of an urban scooter, with the new style and color scheme of Yamaha.

“the picture is relatively wide, and we try to innovate, to conceptualize different solutions in respect with social reality and sustainability.”

Eric de Seynes, President & CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe

Although the launch only included the presentation of the Yamaha line of electric mobility vehicles, it did not provide the full details of each model. The NEOS will soon unveil its specification, since it will become fully available in a couple of weeks.

B01 Pedelec

Another new reveal in the Yamaha line up is their B01 pedelec, a combination of E-bicycle and moped. The B01 runs on fat tires, but still has a light bicycle design, with a slick hollow structured frame and battery encased under the seat.

The combination of pedal with moped design is complete by the front to rear fenders giving it a more aerodynamic look and the rim design resembling a motorcycle.

“…we wanted to combine these historical fantastic models, bestsellers we have got with the new technology of e-bike and Spedelec, and this is the B01.”

We will keep tracking the full launch of these cool electric vehicles, and update on all the specifications as they come.

Source: Yamaha Europe

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