Damon Motorcycles Pushes Forward With Two New Offered Models

Damon Motorcycles announces their novel HyperDrive platform, as well as two smaller battery pack models.

Damon Motorcycles, Vancouver Canada, announce their HyperDrive trademark systems, and offer a pre order of an additional 2 new models carrying smaller battery packs, and targeting lower price range customers.

The Damon HyperSport models will now have 4 selection offers. With the limited Premier Edition, which carries all of the best features like Brembo breaks, Öhlins suspension, a single sided Swing-arm and of course the largest of battery packs at 20kWh. With that, all of the HS motorcycles will use a 160kW (peak) motor, with their main differences being the HP output. The Damon SX gets 150 HP, compare to 200 HP on the HS, and 100 HP on the SE model. The battery is another variation that allows the price range to drop significantly. The SX comes with a 15kWh, or an even more compact 11kWh for the SE model. The HS and Premier models both have a 20kWh pack, which is not only large, but charges back very fast.

Top speed will reduce for these lighter models, as the SX reaches 150 mph (240km/h), and the SE gets 120 mph (192km/h). Overall these are still fast, strong performance motorcycles coming from Damon, with batteries that carry a great distance, claimed on Damon’s website to reach – 150 miles for the SE model, and 108 miles on the SE. That compared to 200 miles with the HS model, gives a real variation of options, that projects back into the price.

The price will now have a much better ‘starting point’ with a base of $16995 for their SE model. Then stepping up to the SX at $19995. While the Premier version is priced at $39995, and the HS priced $24995, the price reduction for these two lighter models could have a great impact on customers looking for a more affordable sport bike.

The battery charging time is also really good for these sizes, on a level 3 charger, you would be back to 80% charge in about 45 minutes – and that’s for the large 20kWh. That number drops to roughly 30 minutes for the SX model (15kWh) and down to just 20 minutes for the SE.

Damon HyperSport
Electric motorcycle
Damon HyperSport

Damon was founded by Jay Giraud, which has a great track record of startups behind him, one of which is Moj.io, quite a successful company in the ‘connected-car’ space, with over $80M in funding. Jay started Damon in 2017, and has officially launched the HS (HyperSport) model in CES 2020. The company immediately made waves with a promising specification for their beautiful sport motorcycle.

One of the keys for Damon is technology, where their ‘360° PREDICTIVE AWARENESS’ system, is claimed to provide situational awareness, with an onboard neural net which scans around & alerts potential danger through haptic feedback on the handlebars. These sound similar to haptic systems we reviewed on Arc Motors and their Arc Vector Jacket. Damon uses handlebars, as well as integrated windscreen LEDs, to give those all important signals for the rider to be more alert to the periphery.

Another design feature of the Damon models is their battery casing that double functions as the load bearing frame of the bike. Combining the battery and motor with the cooling system, all into a single package that gives them the alleged weight distribution, and slim design. Another move that seems to become more common in models that look for innovation, weight reduction and performance.

HyperDrive™ is the world’s first monocoque-constructed, all-electric multi-variant powertrain. The high-energy pack design is a structural powerplant built for many battery capacities; that forms the core for the future’s most ground-breaking and exhilarating motorcycles.

Damon Motorcycles

The coming Damon models start at a very attractive pre-order of only $1000 for the Premier edition, while the rest of models are only $100. It is expected that first deliveries will start in 2021, and we can’t wait to report on the first ones to hit the roads.

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