Energica Riding Season Opens At A 2.6 seconds 0-60 mph speed And The New RS Version Is Here

Energica RS Version
Electric motorcycle

With another digital kick off to the riding season, Energica presents an improved performance VCU, their RS version and the Kit Corsa Clienti.

Energica continues to tweak and update their motorcycles each year, and the improvement is significant. Reducing the speed across all their lineup to a staggering 2.6 seconds 0-60 mph. In addition, they announce their Reparto Sportivo, RS Version, as well as the Kit Corsa Clienti, for customers looking for a full on race model.

“Despite the challenging period of time we’re witnessing, we’re extremely happy with the results obtained in recent months, that confirm our leadership in the industry. The lockdown due to Covid-19 which forced us to stop production for about a month, did not stop our growth, which exceeds that of the electric vehicle market.”

Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company.

Energica continues to accelerate production, and accelerate their models across the board. When realizing this significant reduction comes from updates and upgrades to their VCU, that’s massive news. Despite the economic uncertainty, sales continue to increase, and Energica continues to expand its reach throughout their sales network.

Energica RS Version
Electric motorcycle

In the RS version, the VCU implements a new mapping and parameterization, underlining even more the performance and exciting character derived from the Energica experience in MotoE™. The terrific acceleration already typical of Energica motorcycles is now enhanced by two-tenths of a second compared to the existing MY2021 + versions: 2.6 sec 0-100kmh, 0-60 mph.

The announcement entails their continuous advancements in technology and production, and perhaps reveals that the company does stay very true to its racing nature. Even with entering co-operations that may include lighter weight motorcycles, it remains clear that Energica is positioning as a leader in electric race models world wide. Much of their data is being processed from the MotoE, where races produce valuable information that can later be translated to programming changes, control updates and eventually increased performance. This is also a key factor for competitors like Zero motorcycles, having many riders, and thus being able to collect and analyze this valuable data to improve their control units.

“These first two seasons of MotoE™ have helped to create a huge amount of experience that is constantly being transferred to our road models. From Race to Road we continue to dictate the pace of excellence in our field, and the innovations we present this year are a prime example of this.”

Giampiero Testoni, CTO Energica

The specialized Corsa Kit will offer a moderation to the Ego model into a race ready motorcycle, with upgrades to electronics, suspension, breaks and more. As detailed on the Energica models competing in the MotoE World Cup, they run with Öhlins fully adjustable fork, Öhlins rear shock, the same MotoE break systems, discs and calipers, aluminum rim and Regina Racing chain.

Via: Energica

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