The FIM Enal MotoE World Cup 2020 – Winner Podium And Gallery

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MotoE World Cup – Image by MotoGP

After delays and uncertainty, MotoE was on the way, and now has an official champ – Jordi Torres

With seven races set to take place at three venues, the MotoE world cup was facing some challenges this year due to covid interruptions and postponing. But life goes on, and the race must go on two. As the MotoE™ launched, the events started at Circuito de Jerez, moved on to Misano world Circuit, and lastly Le Mans.

The competition was all taken away by Jordi Torres (Pons Racing 40) , your 2020 FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup winner. This is the season for Torres, the Spaniard came out on top in another great year of Energica Ego Corsa racing. He came in with 114 points, while both second and third places had 97, which shows the intensity of these races, and how flimsy they can get. The Italian Matteo Ferrari came in second place, and the Swiss Dominique Aergerter was third.

Congratulations to the winners!

The MotoE World Cup is actually an event that is completely being ridden on Energica Motors Ego Corsa track variants. These track models produce an extended 120kw from the motor (110kw standard models) and that’s with 200Nm of torque. The top speed is 168mph, which on standard pervious models was 155mph. Another factor that was enhanced is the 0-60 which 2.8 seconds. This comes to show the great progress being done with electric motorcycle year on year.

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