The Cake Kalk INK off road and trail – Electric Motorcycle Review

Cake Kalk INK – Image by Cake

Cake Kalk INK is all about off road, trail, and dirt bike fun.

Cake Kalk INK is the all off road version in the Kalk line. Cake delivers excellent design and quality all across their line of electric motorcycles, and the Kalk INK is no different. With power to take on off road paths and trails, and a battery to last you for that off road fun. It gives the rider a great value both for the ride and feel, as well as for their money’s worth.

The electric motorcycles we have seen by Cake are always outstanding in craftsmanship and design, for which they have won several awards. With great attention to details, appearance and aesthetics and of course an overall look that is just so smooth. Their off road trail versions lack the road needed turning lights and other features. When the bike is stripped down to that basic look, it has the dirt bike looks of an all electric beast.

The Cake Kalk INK is packing a battery of 2.6kWh, with 51.8 Volt 50 Ah. It also has an optional double battery to increase range. The motor is an 11kw that can get the Kalk INK to a top speed of 50+ mph (80+kmh), with a torque level of 42Nm on shaft and 252Nm on wheel similarly to it’s street legal version.

The Kalk INK can be configured to one of three riding modes: Explore -As is sounds, an exploration mode, limited to 45 km/h and gets 3-4h+ battery range. Excite – Enduro mode and trail riding. 1-2 h riding time. And Excel Race mode, maximal torque and speed, with riding time of up to 1h.

It’s curb weight is only 181 lb. or 82kg, which puts it 6lb. less then the street legal version, and that’s really lightweight. This power and weight combination brings the range to about 3 hours, with mixed city riding or an approximate 53 miles of range in higher speeds of about 45mph (72kmh).

The price tag for the Cake Kalk INK starts at $9,500 for a single battery pack, or a double battery option that goes to $12,500.

Cake Kalk INK – Image by Cake

Via: Cake

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