Cake INK SL street legal – Electric Motorcycle Review

Cake KALK INK SL – Image by Cake

The Kalk INK SL is street legal, but off road ready, and can conquer both of them with comfort and fun.

Cake has HQ in Stockholm, Sweden. Nonetheless, with EU and US offices and distribution, Cake is a great manufacturer that is positioned great and can continue to provide more of their high quality motorcycles. The Cake electric motorcycles are known for design, and have several design awards that their motorcycles won before. The Kalk INK SL is a street legal, off road ready motorcycle that came as the proposed road version of it’s off road sibling the Kalk INK. It can take on roads and dirt paths, and give a combination of range and power to the rider.

The looks of Cake motorcycle’s is unique in craftsmenship, and gives a clear statement on electric power. It’s naked center exposing the battery pack, and gives a lightweight frame, the elongated seat and even the motor casing just look slick and smooth. It’s a great design for an off road machine.

Cake gives a very nice line of off road bikes, and an equivalent street legal version for their trail exclusive models. The Cake Kalk INK SL comes fitted with an 11kw motor, powered by a 51.8 Volt 50 Ah battery. That’s a 2.6 kWh battery pack, which pushes this 187 lb. (85kg) motorcycle with excellent power. The Cake Kalk INK SL has great city riding speeds. It runs a top speed of 56mph (90 kmh), and pushes 42Nm of torque on the shaft, or 252Nm on wheel.

Kalk INK SL gets a range of about 3 hours when going for mixed city riding, 53 miles of range in high speed riding (at 44mph). If you run out of battery, 0-100% battery charge takes 2.5 h using a standard outlet. One of the selection options that Cake offers is the additional battery (spare) that brings additional range.

It comes at a price point of $10,500 for a single battery pack, or the extended $13,500 for a double battery pack.


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