Energica Announce Yet Another Collaboration – This Time For Electric nautical propulsion

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Energica and Sealence s.r.l, will have an all Italian collaboration bringing Energica into the nautical space

Energica has just announced another interesting collaboration with an Italian company, Sealence s.r.l, that produces electric jets for nautical propulsion. The move will allow Energica to expand its hold in the electric powertrain development, and provide new opportunities for markets that are not accessible otherwise.

Energica has just begun a technological collaboration with Sealence s.r.l, an innovative startup that has revolutionized the world of naval propulsion with its own ®DeepSpeed electric jet.

The meeting of these two Italian companies will allow Energica to approach a new field, the nautical market, and gives additional impetus to the company’s long-term strategy to help turn The Motor Valley into a center for sustainable “Made in Italy” mobility.


Energica is rapidly expanding their markets, with recently announced collaborations with Dell’Orto to produce small-size and medium size electric motorcycles, another Italian company.

Sealence s.r.l, are an innovative startup that developed the ®DeepSpeed electric propulsion technology. Being our first time with nautical propulsion, we wanted to bring you some interesting comparison from Sealence’s website, showing the effectiveness of electric power in nautical propulsion.

Image By DeepSpeed

As we already know with electric propulsion, when compared to traditional propulsion systems (apparently this also applies to Propeller or HydroJet systems) electric power gives better efficiency at all nautical speeds, and reduces consumption dramatically at higher nautical speeds.

Image By DeepSpeed

After additional financing that Energica also recently announced, actually centered more around expanding their dealership and delivery capabilities in North America, this comes as an interesting collaboration, and an unexpected move into a space quite different than two wheels. On the positive side, Energica intends to apply their know how from the race tracks, and powertrain production capability and help bring the ®DeepSpeed technology to an accelerated development.

“We are very proud of this new all-Italian collaboration that will bring us to the marine market”

“Our country is fast becoming the epicenter of extraordinary electric innovation. Sealence although a young company has been able to establish itself in a very short time. The synergy of skills between our companies is only the first step towards new eco-sustainable industrial scenarios. ”

“As Energica we are convinced that we can accelerate the development of ®DeepSpeed by bringing our technology and our know-how gained both on the road and on the track, thanks to our experience in the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup”.

 Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company S.p.A.

This leaves Energica with a strong positioning for 2021, despite whatever obstacles and difficulties 2020 brought with it.

William Gabbo, CEO of Sealence s.r.l, believes in their ability to bring competitive products to global markets. This, again, opens very interesting opportunities for both players to becomes leaders in electric vehicles of specific niches.

“Energica represents excellence in electric mobility”

“Over the years they have been able to build a business capable of competing at the highest levels, on a global scale. I know how difficult it is to launch similar entrepreneurial initiatives in Italy but, despite these difficulties, it is clear that Energica is now emerging in the sector as a key point of reference.

William Gobbo CEO of Sealence s.r.l.

Source: Energica

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