Energica-Dell’Orto: E-Power projects begin engine bench testing, as Energica is positioning for lighter weight motorcycles.

Energica will start bench testing for it’s small and medium size power trains.

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Energica – Dell’Orto – Image by Energica

Energica had first announced the cooperation with Dell’Orto in July 19 2019. The companies were to join forces to provide a “Power Unit for small-size (power range 8/11kW) and medium size (power range up to 30 kW) electric motorcycles (EV).” And with the latest new release from Energica motors, it’s clear the Italian speed-bike manufacturer has not overseen the lightweight class motorcyclists.

The project is names E-Power and focuses on electric propulsion systems for ‘sustainable urban mobility’ as Energica defines it. Simply put, they have plans for producing electric drives to fit motorcycles in lighter 50 and 125cc classes, compared to what Energica has so far produced, which were heavy duty motors of over 100kw.

“The study, designing, simulation and components testing activities, which have continued incessantly also during the lockdown, have come to a close and testing of the complete system has begun at the test bench.”

E-power is capable to cover power ranges from 2.5 to a peak of 15kW, with performances that equal a range from 50 to 125cc of traditional engines and a riding range that can extend beyond 100km.

Up to this point, Energica, also the MotoE exclusive motorcycle model, has produced high speed motorcycles, and had it’s focus on those electric speed bikes and their performance. With the progression of this cooperation from only last year and until now, to be ready to bench test – shows that Energica has given it’s dedication to expend the range of offered motorcycles.

This suggest strong opposition that is increasingly expending, from Chinese brands, European, Italian as well as US made – it appears all manufacturers will try to take their fair share of the smaller class ‘mobility vehicles’ which really sounds like a trendy way of saying “not a car”..

“The control strategies of the system could make us of the decade of experience by Energica in the electric mobility sector (road and racing), and of almost 90 years of experience by Dell’Orto in motorcycling, and matches perfectly with Dell’Orto’s expert knowledge in small and mid-size industrial-scale applications.

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