E-Power For FANTIC, as Energica, Dell’orto and Reinova Showcase Their First Solution For Light E-mobility

E-POWER for Fantic: an Energica product for the italian E-Scooter,
E-Power Energica Dell'Orto

The E-Power is a project created by Energica, Dell’Orto and Reinova to create technology and solutions for light vehicle sector.

The three Italian motor valley companies teamed up to realize the E-Power system, an electric propulsion system that will encompasses the Motor, inverter, VCU and even the battery pack.

Energica had first announced the cooperation with Dell’Orto in July 2019. The companies then joined forces with Reinova in June of 2021, to provide the demand in the light electric vehicle segment, which continues to rapidly grow.

The partnership between Energica, Dellorto and Reinova was born to cater for this rising electric feeling of the automotive sector. The three companies share common values like: made in Italy, a disruptive mindset aimed at innovation and sustainability.


Thanks to the company know-how developed in more than ten years of experience in the world of full-electric mobility, Energica has now the strength to increase the range of its R&D to other areas of the reference market.

Both current and future projects are gathered in a new Business Unit named Energica Inside, which promised to be a new disruptive institution in pure Energica style, and they surely deliver. The company now presents their packaged solution for the light mobility category, to be fitted first on a FANTIC electric scooter.

E-Power Energica Dell'Orto

The First FANTIC electric scooter:

The collaboration with FANTIC born to realize the concept of the first Fantic electric scooter, a 100% Italian vehicle, designed and built in Veneto and Emilia, equipped with E-Power motor, inverter, VCU and DC / DC. The power unit is fit on a Fantic chassis with a die-cast aluminum trellis frame with great lightness and driveability.

Fantic currently only offers electric-bicycles, electric scoots (light E-scooter), and the Fantic Issimo – which is a more urban sturdy bike frame, but also carries a small 250W motor. The expected scooter to be built around this powertrain, will be the companies to electric model.

E-Power Energica Dell'Orto

The 3kW electric motor is designed so that it can be mapped with 3 configurations. From the L1 category vehicle, to the L3 version project (equivalent to 50cc and 125cc endothermic) which is also being envisioned. It will be equipped with a 2250Wh lithium battery or a dual pack, allowing it to reach a of 4.5kWh, and a range of over 100 km.

The E-Power system as a package will come with a VCU, an INVERTER, DC/DC, E-MOTOR and the battery pack. Running at 48V to mitigate risks of high voltage systems, in favor of safety.

With E-Power from Energica, Dellorto, and Reinova you do not need a special charging infrastructure, as it charges on standard 220V sockets. The project also plans to bring the E-Power product to other segments, like industrial machines, logistics, garden, karts, scooters.

Source: Energica, Dell’Orto, FANTIC

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