Verge Motorcycles Launches Revolutionary Hubless Electric Motorcycle for US Market

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The Verge TS Ultra now available for US customers, featuring a 25-minute charging time and 80kW motor

Verge Motorcycles has announced that it is now accepting pre-orders for its revolutionary hubless electric motorcycle, the Verge TS Ultra, in the United States. The Verge TS Ultra, was previously only available in Europe and made its debut in CES 2023 after showing off its updated design for the drivetrain.

The Verge TS Ultra is unlike any other electric motorcycle on the market, thanks to its unique hubless wheel drivetrain design. From the early days of the company, Verge Motorcycles set out to be innovative and transparent while keeping realistic targets in mind. The company was focused on creating a product that was not only electric and visually stunning but also reliable and easy to service.

Spencer Cutlan, Marketing Manager at Verge Motorcycles, explained that the team faced several engineering challenges while turning their concept into a running model. From overcoming weight, power, and efficiency issues to cooling improvements, the team worked tirelessly to perfect the Verge TS Ultra.

The end result is a bike that packs a powerful 80kW (204HP) motor and is the first of its kind to feature a hubless wheel design. The Verge TS Ultra’s design was recognized by winning the Red Dot Design Award earlier this year.

One of the main advantages of the hubless design is the reduction of unsprung weight, which improves stability and cornering. However, as the Verge TS Ultra is a cruiser motorcycle, unsprung mass is less of a concern. Other benefits of the wheel design include low rational mass, increased stability through mass distribution and increased traction from the wheel mass.

The Verge TS Ultra also boasts a 25-minute charging time and a torque of 1000 Nm, after originally being tuned down from 1500 Nm. The company’s goal is to first focus on the European market, and then expand globally in the coming years. The company already established a hold in several locations including their home base of Finland as well as other locations across Europe and now the USA.

In an exclusive interview we had a year ago with Spencer Cutlan , Marketing Manager at Verge Motorcycles, the company discussed its past, present, and future. Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Verge Motorcycles was still able to receive a steady stream of interest and pre-orders for its revolutionary hubless electric motorcycle, the Verge TS Ultra.

The team at Verge has been working hard on design improvements, app and connectivity development, and performance tweaks. They even performed another reiteration of the motor, limiting the torque, reducing the weight of the wheel, and fine-tuning the bike. The team also developed the connectivity screen that is now located at the center of the motorcycle’s faux gas tank.

Spencer shared that the TS Ultra is just the first iteration of the product, and that the company plans to release more versions in the future. The company’s main goal is to produce and sell 150 units of the TS Ultra in the EU, in order to establish the brand in a market that sees over 1 million unit sales annually.

Verge also has plans to expand beyond the EU, and is exploring the possibility of OEM partnerships, and entering other markets such as light vehicles. Spencer emphasized the company’s focus on remaining agile and utilizing its resources to pursue attractive market opportunities.

Source: Verge

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