Curtiss Unveils Limited Edition “120 Year Anniversary Collection” Electric Motorcycle

Curtiss Limited Edition

Iconic American motorcycle manufacturer celebrates 120 years with luxury, legacy-inspired e-bike

Curtiss, the American motorcycle manufacturer, is releasing a limited edition collection to celebrate their 120th anniversary. Called “The 120 Year Anniversary Collection” orders can be placed now for delivery in December 2023.

This collection honors the legacy of the company’s founder, Glenn Hammond Curtiss, who started manufacturing motorcycles in 1902 and invented the iconic all-American v-twin engine. The latest electric motorcycle from Curtiss, The 1, continues this legacy by offering a luxury riding experience that is easy, balanced, and smooth.

The Curtiss 1 electric motorcycle is a dream machine, with its striking design featuring heavy forks and an open design, saddle stitching, great battery design and more. The bike not only captures the eye but also the heart with its sleek and unique style.

Powering the Curtiss 1 is a belt drive that can reach a peak of 120 horsepower, with a nominal 87 horsepower. It also has the capability to reach as high as 217 horsepower in the future. Supporting this power is a battery pack that is expected to come in at around 16 kWh, or even larger. The unique battery design is 399V with an unknown Ah setup.

The Curtiss 1 delivers on torque, with 162 nominal and a peak of 199 Nm. The bike also features a fully adjustable double wishbone fork with carbon fiber and aluminum with RaceTech monoshock. The braking system is top of the line with four-piston Beringer radially-mounted aerotec calipers.

The bike is built on an aluminum, triple-load path construction chassis with its structural radiator battery monocoque, making it a machine that is both visually and technically impressive.

The Curtiss One boasts an impressive design and top-of-the-line materials, but it doesn’t come cheap. At a pre-order deposit of $30,000, the motorcycle comes with a hefty price tag of over $115,000. Despite this, for those looking for a luxurious, head-turning ride, the Curtiss One may be worth the investment.

Source: Curtiss Motorcycles

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