Aptera’s Solar Electric Three-Wheeler: A Closer Look

The American Startup Reveals Latest Design Updates and Production Timeline

The electric vehicle industry is constantly evolving and one company that’s making waves in the space is Aptera. The startup recently shared an update on its solar electric three-wheeler, a unique and innovative vehicle that’s garnering attention from both potential buyers and investors alike. The company’s designers and engineers are currently putting the finishing touches on the vehicle, which is expected to feature solar panels integrated into its design.

Aptera’s three-wheeler has long been awaited and the company states that it is on track for production. The vehicle will be tested to exceed all applicable FMVSS and NHTSA standards, and it will be available with a price range of $25,900 – $46,000+. The vehicle has a cargo capacity of 25 cubic feet and the option to choose between four range options: 100 kWh, 60 kWh, 40 kWh, and 25 kWh. The range options will have ranges of ~1000 mile, ~600 mile, ~400 mile, and ~250 miles respectively.

The vehicle can be charged with standard plugs and will have a range of 110V @ 13 miles per hour, and 500 miles per hour with rapid DC chargers. The vehicle can seat 2 adults and a pet, it features a driver display with a 15-inch touchscreen and a variety of premium features such as custom colors, audio enhancements, autonomous capabilities, safety dividers and more.

Aptera’s vision for the vehicle is to provide a sustainable mode of transportation that’s not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. The solar electric three-wheeler is expected to have a range of around 1,000 miles on a single charge, thanks in part to its integrated solar panels. The startup plans to use carbon fiber and glass composite materials for the vehicle’s body panels, which will be manufactured by the C.P.C. Group in Italy.

Despite the progress made on the vehicle’s design, Aptera is still seeking funding to begin production. In an effort to attract investors, the company will be holding a webinar in January, where its founders Chris Anthony and Steve Fambro will answer questions about the vehicle and the company’s plans for the future.

One of the key challenges for Aptera will be to pass crash tests and system integration, as well as finalizing the design before the vehicle can be validated for production. The company notes that it’s currently in the “Delta” phase of development and is working hard to bring the vehicle to market as soon as possible.

Aptera is targeting a 2023 production start date, though it’s unclear if that’s still achievable given the progress made so far. However, it’s clear that the company is determined to make its vision a reality and bring a unique and sustainable mode of transportation to the market. The industry is waiting eagerly to see the outcome.

Source: InsideEVs

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