Energica Electric Motorcycles Arrive in Japan and Australia

Energica electric motorcycles will be sold in Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The first orders arrive in the first quarter of 2023.

High-Performance Electric Motorcycles to Fill Demand in Growing Market for Electric Two-Wheelers.

Ideanomics has announced that through it’s subsidiary Energica, it has begun selling its high-performance electric motorcycles in Japan and Australia. Energica has long been a leader in performance electric motorcycles, with a line of powerful electric sport bikes.

The first batch of the motorbikes is set to arrive in both countries during the first quarter of 2023. Japan has been identified as a priority market for the company, as it is home to nearly 10.3 million two-wheel vehicles, with over 83,000 motorcycles over 250cc sold in 2021.

The CEO of Energica, Livia Cevolini, stated that Japan is a key market for the company and that Energica’s presence in Japan was sealed in August at the eight-hour Suzuka Circuit. The motorcycles were praised for their performance during the numerous test laps on the world-renowned endurance race. Energica’s partnership with Estar & Co. Ltd in January 2020 has also helped the company to develop its Asia-Pacific network.

Energica is looking to fill the gap in the high-performance electric motorcycle market in Japan, as established OEMs have slowly introduced their versions in the 250-cc category and light vehicles mostly. The company aims to become the high-performance electric motorcycle of choice for Japan’s motorcycle enthusiasts.

In Australia, Australian Electric Motor Co has partnered with Energica to offer a premium selection of electric motorcycles in Australia and New Zealand. With motorcycle sales in these two countries reaching a 15-year high in 2021, marking more than 100,000 new units sold and the market is signaling conditions are ripe for further expansion in the electric motorcycle market.

Robin Mackie, the CEO of Ideanomics Mobility, said that with the new market entry into Japan and Australia, the company expects strong fourth-quarter revenue growth and long-term consistent revenue growth. Energica has already sold 78% more motorcycles this year compared to the same time last year, with a substantial backlog of orders for its newest product offering – the Green Tourer Experia which we covered here before.

Energica has a proven track record of supplying motorcycles to customers in the ASEAN region, and with ongoing support from Ideanomics, it is looking to disrupt the global two-wheeler market with its high-performance electric motorcycles. The company also provides technology and expertise to other industries through its Energica Inside business unit.

Source: PRnewswire

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