CAKE Makka Prism – The Commuter Gets a Colorful Windshield Combo

CAKE Makka Prism

Mix and match your Makka prism windshields. A collection of 64 color combos, protecting you from water, wind and dust.

CAKE launches Makka Prism, a colorful windshield combo with style for the electric commuter. The Makka, which was introduced six months ago, is a lower power class moped in 2 speed variants, and the lowest cost from the CAKE line up so far. The Makka moped is an everyday agile ride, with 8 standard configuration bundles plus 1 build-it-yourself version.

The bikes were sold-out just as soon as they launched, and as the company rolls out production series deliveries, they will now offers Makka Prism windshields as part of the customization which has been an insignia of CAKE electric bikes.

The CAKE Makka is available in two bike variants, Range and Flex. The Range gets top speeds of 25km/h, and the Flex version gets up to 45km/h, and a respective range of 60km to 50km (mixed city riding (WMTC-II). Depending on the country and regulation where you live, the Makka can be ridden without a license.

The Makka is also the first Hub motor on a CAKE bike, the bike’s hub motor is an internal permanent magnet motor (IPM) with 3.6kW power (4.8 HP), reaching 60Nm of torque at the wheel.

The removeable battery pack carries 1.5kWh (31Ah 48V) and can charge back up to 80% in 2 hours, or to its full capacity in just 3 hours. This will allow riders to enjoy an urban range, quick charge back up, on a highly functional and customized ride.

CAKE Makka Prism

The Makka is equipped with a high efficiency FOC controller and EBS (Electronic Braking System) regenerating braking power into the battery life and increase range. The standard break system is a two pistons calipers, 220 mm disc on each wheel.

Similarly to the Ösa platform, CAKE’s insignia of customized vehicles that riders can make their own, the Makka is getting a prism of colors unique to its style.

Check out the Makka Prism on CAKE’s website, and make it your own.

Source: CAKE

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