Axiis Launch Liion Supermoto – An Electric Built to Conquer the Streets with 134HP

Axiis Liion

The Liion Supermoto by Axiis is a street electric beast with 134HP

Axiis lanches the Liion Supermoto electric. An all electric naked Supermoto with 134HP, made to take on the tracks and streets, and it has great specifications. But first let’s have a look at who Axiis are.

The company, founded in 2015 by 3 friends, has a rich and diverse experience with manufacturing and CNC machining of parts for 2-wheelers, in particular offroad motorcycles. Starting with accessories and parts for 2-wheelers, they gained profits that allowed the company to expend their production, and improve their quality. Axiis is currently providing to more than 70 countries, with a range of 20 products.

The company sought to achieve financial stability ahead of launching their first electric motorcycle, a relatively light and powerful street bike, named Liion. The result of Axiis’ manufacturing and CNC production capability.

Battery pack and chassis of the Axiis Liion are all CNC machined from a single block, for a rigid frame and in order to achieve the densest battery pack. Aluminum Bilateral Beam to supports the main chassis, and an aluminum single sided swingarm.

It carries a 12kWh pack, and weighs in a total of just 293 lbs. (133KG). With a high powered motor that we estimate has close to 100kW, producing 240Nm of torque on the shaft, and a staggering 720Nm on wheel, the Liion is claimed to reach a top speed of 124mph (200km/h).

The low weight is a result of light chassis, as well as 7075-T6/Carbon Fiber used for the fairings, a single sided swingarm that’s “Designed for the rigidity required on a Supermoto” as the company states, and overall care for weight reduction produces this powerful and light machine.

Axiis Liion

Wheelbase – 1429mm | Rake Angle – 25.9 | F. Wheel Travel – 209mm | R. Wheel Travel – 190mm

Axiis has not announced an official pre-order opening, but teased that more videos will soon be launched, so stay tuned as we will keep posting on news from their front.

Source: Axiis-ae

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