Pierer Mobility: KTM E-DUKE Will Be The Brand’s First Electric Street Motorcycle


The KTM E-Duke will join Husqvarna’s E-Pilen in Pierer’s line up of electric motorcycles

Pierer Mobility confirmed it is working the electric KTM E-DUKE, the loved streetbike model will become electric as part of the company’s push towards electric mobility. The news were confirmed on an investor relations presentation for the 2021 business year, revealing that the KTM E-Duke is currently under development.


KTM’s sister brand Husqvarna revealed a concept of an E-Pilen last April, so it’s not surprising to see the E-Duke confirm for the first time. The investor presentation confirms that the E-Duke will carry the same 5.5 kWh battery pack (non removeable) as does the E-Pilen by Husqvarna, and using the same motor output, with nominal power output of 10kW (13.4 hp).

In addition, the presentation lists the E-Duke not only together with the E-Pilen, but also with the additional KTM E10 youth dirtbike and a brand new model, named Freeride E LV. The intentionally pixelated images of the E-Duke were meant to hide it’s appearance, but with an easy search we were able to get a better view of the E-Duke.

KTM E-DUKE presentation

After Pierer presented the Husqvarna E-Pilen, and with the huge hype surrounding the E-Pilen model, the company made the a similar step under the KTM brand, presenting first the E-DUKE. With the great success of the company’s DUKE model, similarly to the Husqvarna Vitpilen and Svartpilen models, which are all best sellers for Pierer.

The E-DUKE is poised to be a great street bike to attract KTM lovers, it may not yet be a KTM 1290 Super Duke R, but it still is a great alternative to an ICE Duke 125cc.

With the company’s strategic cooperation with worldwide leaders in the industry, and of course being the leader in Europe, sets the KTM’s brand along side other Pierer brands to achieve great progress in electric models, and the expansion of their line of models in coming years.

Starting with the consortium for swappable battery manufacturing together with Honda, KTM, Piaggio and Yamaha, to adopt and use shared standards and battery specification. In addition to that, Pierer and Bajaj India is in a Joint series development project for 48 volt electric two-wheeler platforms in the power range 3 to 10kW, with planned serial production in India.


We’ll definitely keep an eye out for the reveal, so check back in soon to get the latest updates.

Source: Pierer Mobility

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