Sur Ron – Storm MX Series – Ready To Conquer Off Road And Streets

Sur Ron Strom MX
Sur Ron Strom MX – Image by Sur Ron

The much anticipated Sur Ron Storm MX is ready for pre-orders, and brings more power to the awesome ride of Sur Ron’s bikes.

The announcement on Sur Ron Storm being released, came last EICMA exhibition. The Sur Ron guys presented the much waited for Storm model, that brings more power and bigger battery to riders. The design also changed into a more bulky and sturdy looking motorcycle, although it has a very traditional dirt bike racer look.

Sur Ron has already proven it’s quality with their LB-X series, which had great demand by riders. Fans across the world seemed to be waiting for Sur Ron to announce a bigger, better, stronger motorcycle. That happened recently much to the fans’ content. The Strom MX is the big version of Sur Ron’s great success with the LB-X. It packs bigger and faster parts on all aspects, except for where those aren’t needed, and weight could be spared. Just the right combo.

The Sur Ron Storm MX packs a great battery of 96V48Ah, which calculates into 4.6 kWh. That’s more then double the previous LB-X. Moving on to the motor, the Strom packs 21.5KW (96V) motor, which we estimate to reach about 29 horse power, and have a peak torque that sound come in the range of about 110-120Nm but that will depend on what RPM we want to choose for this math. Those final stats have not been published yet by Sur Ron official distributes.

The Storm MX series came with better range as expected, but seems that it’s not significantly higher. 65 miles (100km) of range compared to the previous 60 miles. Top speed though is where Sur Ron got us interested, they boosted the Storm MX to an excellent 62-68 mph (100-110 kmh) at nominal or peak power. That’s a great increase, which obviously can make a big difference for the experienced rider looking to get more in his off road rides.

Like their previous LB-X series, the Sur Ron Storm MX will have both an offroad version, and a street legal one. Where the off road has been stripped down to the bare minimum needed, the street legal version will come out the box with all road required features and additions, so you won’t have to go and get it customized before having fun on the highway.

Final price on the Sur Ron Storm MX will be announced this month (Oct 2020) and we’re tuned in for that, to update you readers on the price. Until then, the pre order deposit stands on 200 GBP on the UK site.

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