Husqvarna E-Pilen and Vektorr, First Look At The IAA Mobility 2021

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Husqvarna motorcycles at the IAA Mobility are showcasing the E-Pilen Motorcycle and the Vektorr Scooter for the first time.

Now at the IAA Mobility convention in Germany, Husqvarna is showcasing the E-Pilen and Vektorr electric scooter. We have been tracking the E-pilen ever since a photo leaked in an Investor Presentation by Pierer Mobility, and now for the very first time, Husqvarna rolls out the model to public eyes.

One of the reasons for the huge hype surrounding the E-Pilen model, is the great success of the company’s current Vitpilen and Svartpilen models, which are both best sellers. Along side the E-Pilen, the company exposes for the first time their Vektorr electric scooter model, a futuristic design with urban functionality.

The light, urban bike, comes with a power output of 8 kW and 100km/h top speed. The range autonomy stands at 100km which makes is a great fit for leisure rides and urban environment. A triple enclosed modules battery pack, allows each battery module to be swapped separately.

The large round headlight leaves a modern and simplistic design style, with a great futuristic look. The lines and color scheme across the bike, in yellow white and black, while still leaving the frame exposed in the middle of the bike looking very much like a naked Husqvarna.

From the bottom of the E-pilen, the motor and drive chain are also exposed and compliments the looks of the rear swingarm, and what appears to be the electronics and protective cover, touched up in red highlight colors. Both wheels use disc brake and the suspension are the rear is exposed to complete the white color scheme.

The Vektorr Concept electric scooter, is one of a futuristic design, but is not expected to be extremely fast, and will deliver a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) while offering a range of up to 60 miles (95 km). 

Along with the E-Pilen Concept, the Vektorr Concept offers a glimpse into the vision of what Husqvarna has planned for company’s future and for electric urban mobility in general. The Vektorr scooter’s motor does output 5kW, but the limited speed makes it more of a commuting scooter, for comfort in urban rides.

They complete this line with an E-scooter, the Blitz. A cool little E-scooter with 500W motor and 40Km autonomy.

Photo gallery from the IAA Mobility 2021 (Images by GPone):

Source: GPone, Husqvarna

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