New Electric Concept Motorcycle Unveiled by EV Startup Expannia

Expannia concept motorcycle

Florida based Expannia revealed the electric motorcycle concept, along side plans for a complete line of 4-wheeler EVs.

Expannia, a new and upcoming startup from Miami Florida, releases a complete line of concept electric vehicles and an electric motorcycle as well. With plans to fully launch their vehicles by 2026, their intention is to get the perfect equilibrium between the motorcycle specifications and final price.

The slick design of this concept is that of an aggressive street motorcycle, with aerodynamic appearance, curvy lines from front to back, and more design elements of sport motorcycles like seat positioning.

This stylish looking concept bike will have decent power, expected to have a motor with 20-25kW, supported by a battery pack of 6kWh. The range expected on paper is around 93 miles, or 150km and get a top speed of about 75 mph, 120km/h. Those specs, despite being only a target are showcasing an urban riding machine that can still easily get on the highway and allow good range.

Expannia is targeting a mid bracket price tag, instead of the premium niche of players in the space like Harley Davidson and the LiveWire, Energica or Zero motorcycles. With the intention to offer good characteristics and power specs for urban use while also being able to easily ride the highway, and still having an accessible price to mass market.

Expannia Founder and CEO Jose Luis Cobos Arteaga had previously worked as an engineer for Ford, Land Rover, and Jaguar. The company now plans to release their first prototype as early as this year, with pre-reservations planned to open during the month.

The production is planned to rollout by next year in USA and followed by a launch to Europe that will depend on homologations for that specific market. Despite that, final product specification will be shared in the coming weeks, as the Expannia will launch pre-orders.

Target specifications:

Price: $16,490
Battery: 6 KWh
Motor: 20-25 KW (25 to +33 HP)
Range: 150 Km (93 miles)
Top Speed: 120 Km/h (75 mph)

As the space for electric mobility solutions heat up, the company will also offer several types of EVs. A Micro Car, Delivery Van, compact car and SUV. The complete lineup of vehicles is impressive, as well as the plans to scale up quickly and reach all these models in production by 2026.

We will keep you posted as the company will open pre-orders and unveil the complete specs.

Meanwhile enjoy the concept Expannia motorcycle gallery.

Source: Expannia, RideApart

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