Cake May Use PaperShell Natural Fiber Replacement For Plastic

Cake will evaluate PaperShell composite paper as a replacement for plastics in their line of electric motorcycles.

The award winning, Swedish Electric motorcycle manufacturer, CAKE announces a partnership with PaperShell that could replace plastic parts with natural fiber composite.

Cake, known for its electric dirt bikes, motorcycles and recently mopeds, has been pioneering with their platforms for customizable models, and may be soon offering their Ösa, Kalk and Makka, with PaperShell sustainable materials.

The companies are set evaluate the properties required for potential alternatives for plastic parts currently used in the company’s motorcycles, possibly replacing former plastic panels of the bikes.

A more sustainable alternative to plastic
As a natural fiber composite, PaperShell is more durable than plastic and has a much lower climate impact, 0.65kg of CO2e per functional unit (kg) of material compared to polypropylene (4.95 kg) and fiberglass (25.05 kg).

The cooperation was announced with a positive note on Cake’s side:

“Cake was founded to inspire towards a zero-emission society and this naturally involves carefully investigating the best possible materials for use in our electric bikes. We’re excited to work with PaperShell and hope that we can play a crucial part in finding a material that can minimize or even eradicate the use of conventional plastics in our motorcycles. This is a collaboration that ultimately will benefit the entire vehicle industry and beyond”

Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of Cake.

And there was no less enthusiasm on Papershell’s side:

“We are happy to partner with Cake and look forward to further evolving PaperShell into a material that will make the use of plastic a thing of the past. We can’t think of a more perfectly challenging testbed for our material than the industry leading electric off-road motorcycle and look forward to developing further PaperShell’s inherent resistance to fluids, UV-radiation, weather and fire”

Anders Breitholtz, CEO at PaperShell.

After so many announcements we recently covered by CAKE, from the Makka line of electric mopeds, a partnership with Polestar, all the way to raising additional $60M in funding. The company leads ahead to a more sustainable future, not only with electric vehicles, but also in a more sustainable product throughout.

CAKE and Polestar

Source: Cake

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