Cake introduces re:CAKE, offering certified pre-owned electric motorcycles


re:CAKE. Refurbished and Certified, Cake will offer riders the choice of buying pre-owned bikes, extending the lifecycle of already existing vehicles.

Swedish electric motorcycles manufacturer CAKE, announce the launch of a new program- re:CAKE, offering customers the option to purchase a certified pre-owned CAKE bike.

Cake, known for its electric motorcycles and recently mopeds, and may now are offering their Ösa, and Kalk electric motorcycles in the re:CAKE program. During the development of their bikes, Cake is focusing on extending the lifecycle, reducing emissions, reducing resource use, and generally making the product lifecycle more eco-friendly.

Just recently the company announce they plan to evaluate PaperShell composite as a replacement for plastics in their line of electric motorcycles, and with the new re:CAKE program, CAKE aims to give riders a certified, overhauled pre-owned motorcycle.

“We founded Cake with the promise to create motorcycles that wouldn’t only be high-quality and fun to ride, but also offer sustainable alternatives to fossil-fuel”

Stefan Ytterborn, Founder and CEO of Cake.

re:CAKE – the program and prices

The move will allow CAKE to offer their models, refurbished and certified, with a lower price tag. Check out the differences: The KALK INK& for example, drops from $12,000 (USD) to $9,490 and the KALK& reduces from $14,500 to $12,490. Similarly the Ösa flex and Ösa+ will cost only $7,500 and $7,750 respectively, compared to the original price of $9,000 and $10,500.

“When buying a re:CAKE, you make an active choice by extending the lifecycle of an existing product and play an integral part in making consumption more sustainable”.

Customers can purchase a refurbished Cake bike that has been thoroughly inspected, overhauled, and stamped with the Cake stamp of approval through the re:CAKE program. Green front fenders and special print details are an exclusive re:CAKE signature detail, discreetly signaling the ownership decision made by its new owner.

Initially, bikes that will be offered through the program are motorcycles that have been used by Cake for marketing purposes. A variety of models will be available over time and pricing and warranty terms will vary based on the model’s age and condition.

Check out the re:CAKE program models HERE

Source: CAKE

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