Yamaha Motor Models and Niches Shown in Environmental Plan 2050 Targets

Targeting 90% electric of all motorcycles made by Yamaha Motor, the company will offer a range of urban mobility motorcycles, scooters and more.

Yamaha Motor Co, announced that it has reviewed the CO2 emission reduction targets in the Yamaha Motor Environmental Plan 2050. First formulated in 2018, the plan set a goal of carbon neutrality throughout all of its business activities and across the life cycles of its products, by 2050.

The plan includes reduction in emissions as a direct result of business activities and emissions outside of these.

With the goal of reaching 90% of all motorcycles being electric, Yamaha Motor Environmental plan 2050 showcases a range of electric mobility solutions that will be launched in the near future. From the E01 Electric scooter, which will be a 125cc equivalent, through the E02 scooter, the 50cc successor, and some interesting new choices of Trikes, light and motorcycle.

These two electric scooters are expected to perform as the successors of the average urban commuters, and with the swappable battery system on the E02, it will likely take on a standardize battery that will be within the specs of the Swappable Battery Consortium with HONDA, KTM and PIAGGIO.

The expected motor specs for the E01 are an estimated 11kW-13kW motor (about 15hp) with an air-cooled DC direct drive motor. This model will not be carrying a swappable battery, but instead will have a high-rigidity cradle frame for the battery. The E02 on the opposite is designed to be a compact, lightweight and easy-to-handle scooter, and comes with the removable battery 48V standard. 

The presentation mainly strengthens the Yamaha position and efforts towards electric mobility, with obvious lower emission, while doing it the special Yamaha way. The MW-VISION concept, that was also unveiled during the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019, will take Yamaha back into the leaning trike technology, with great style.

The concept MW-VISION leaning trike that was among the expose in Tokyo 2019, is an interesting hybrid between leaning trike and semi-closed cabin trike. With futuristic looks and design, fit for urban mobility.

Additional, lighter weighing solutions are the obvious Yamaha E-bike, that has actually been on the market since 2013, and are expected to reach unimaginable numbers by 2050 (15 million units a year predicted), as well as the TRITOWN standing trike. This very cool leaning trike, is meant for a fun and safe ‘last mile’ ride, for shorter in city distances at lower speeds.

The idea is to make the last one mile safer, more enjoyable and, of course more comfortable. Complicated controls have been eliminated, allowing riders to move around more easily by just maintaining balance, enabling a greater level of independence. This is the small standing mobility “TRITOWN” using LMW technology.

Yamaha Environmental Plan 2050

The company is also simultaneously developing with small mobility in various places. “NeEMO”, as an example, is a “slow mobility” electric vehicle that increases outing and traveling opportunities and leads to health promotion. Slow electric mobility is a space that long existed, and Yamaha plans to substantiate their impact on the space as well.

Scope 1,2 :direct result of business activities | Scope 3: outside of business activities

Source: Yamaha, Yamaha UK

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