Offset OFR-M1, an Off-road minimalistic design that packs a punch.

Offset OFR-M1

The Danish Offset Motorcycles will take you off-road in style with the powerful OFR-M1

Offset motorcycles, Denmark, recently unveiled their OFR-M1 Electric off-road motorcycle. The minimalistic design and style is the first thing to catch the eye, but just wait until you get the specs on this one.

We have seen more upcoming startups and companies targeting the specific off-road segment recently, in EU specifically, where the Swedish company CAKE is a dominant manufacturer, others like Pohlock E-Bock, Germany, Trevor FTR-Stella, Belgium, and recent upcoming startup MXM, Czech republic, each wants to innovate in the increasing space of electric MX motorcycles.

Offset motorcycles plans to do just that, bringing their minimalistic design style to off-road riding. With the unveiling of their OFR-M1, the company lays out some serious specification targets, that seem to be exactly what off-road riders seek.

It’s all about power. And the OFR-M1 captures that with an IPM motor, that is set to output 25kW (33.5 HP) pushing 59 ft lbs of torque (about 80Nm). These power specs really give it a true MX competitor power.

“We are extremely happy to be able to reveal the design. We have spent many months perfecting our product vision and we believe that the outcome is a reflection of that,”

“The all-electric drivetrain has paved the way for our new minimalistic design without compromising on performance.”

Jakob Kistorp, Offset’s CEO and co-founder

Offset claims this off-road bike will go from 0 to 60 mph (0-100 km/h) in 4.5 seconds, with a top speed of 80 mph (130km/h). The battery pack is a 6.2 kWh that will last a riding time of about 1.5 hours with a charge back up to 85% in a time of 3 hours.

With a standing curb weight of only 253 lbs (115kg), it would be a light and powerful bike, capable of speed and instant torque. The rear monoshock and front inverted fork suspension would make it a smooth ride off-road, and even without detailed specs for them, the size and front fork angle looks great for handling and riding the dirt.

Although the first model in their line will not be street legal, Offset motorcycles already has plans to create a dual-sport variant, named the ODP-M1, which will be a street legal model for their urban streets riders.

The company says this versatile dual-sport “follows the same simplistic design DNA” as the OFR–M1 model, but can take on both off-road environments or city streets. It has not shared further performance details and specs expected for the ODP-M1.

Offset OFR-M1

Source: Offset Motorcycles, Ride Apart

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