Trevor Motorcycles and the FTR Stella Flat Track Electric motorcycle

Trevor FTR-Stella is a light weight offroad beauty, with speed, power and top of the line parts wherever you look.

Trevor motorcycles offers 2 color variations for their FTR-Stella electric dirt bike. It comes with good power, equivalent to a 125cc license, and carries a great battery pack that can last an awesome ride across rough terrain. The Stella was expected to start deliveries during Q4 of 2020, but with the impact of Covid, it seems that will delay a while. We reached out to Trevor and could confirm that the first motorcycles are still expected to deliver in January of 2021, we’ll keep you posted on that.

Trevor motorcycles are all about clean dirt bikes. The Belgium based company in Antwerpen was started in 2018 and had the purpose of creating a modern and clean dirt bike, that can be an existing replacement to scooters and lighter weight 2-wheelers.

Their story began when in the spring of 2018, Philippe Stella and motorcycle professional Jeroen-Vincent Nagels first thought of creating a clean motorcycle that can replace their current ICE rides. About a year later, during The Bike Shed Show in London, they pitched the idea to Torsten Robbens, from Saroléa. He later brought in John McInnis who was the designing mind behind it. In early 2020, John’s design of the Trevor Stella was ready and Saroléa began production.

“Nothing better than hitting the mountain trails at 6pm”

Philippe STELLA – Founder & Creative director, L.A. (US), Cadaques (ES)

As we already mentioned, Trevor spared nothing in getting the best parts for their bike, which is equipped from top to bottom with the following; Dunlop tires on Haan wheels, Öhlins front fork and rear shock, Beringer brakes, Domino Racing handlebar and even the frame is a Molybdenum Trellis frame by Workhorse. Pack all those with an 11kW motor and a battery pack of 2.7kWh (better yet, double the battery to a 5.4kWh pack) and you have yourself a great dirt bike.

“No emissions shouldn’t mean no fun – that’s why we build clean dirt bikes”

Jeroen-Vincent NAGELS – Founder & Product director, Antwerpen (BE)

The Trevor FTR Stella is a fast dirk bike, no doubt. It runs a range of 1.5 hours riding or 3 hours with the larger battery pack. The motor can produce 260Nm on the wheel, which is powerful, and brings the Stella to a top speed of 55mph (90km/h).

The weight of the Trevor Stella is a mere 174 lbs (79kg) which is evident in the design. The bike has nothing that is in use, and required. No extra covers or fairings, not even a single frame bar that is not absolutely needed.

The minimalist frame combined with the appearance of the battery pack and the rear shock spring appearance gives this electric dirt bike an aggressive look. The bike comes with 2 color options, Ice white or Mighty black, both of which are just beautiful in my eyes. It is available for pre-order with 100€ deposit and a full price of €12995.

Source: Trevor Motorcycles

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