Cake Ösa Wins The Swedish Design Award for Outstanding Industrial And Product Design

Cake Ösa
electric motorcycle
Cake Ösa – Image by Cake

The Cake Ösa continues to reap more design awards with the outstanding design and functionality.

This is not the first, and probably not the last award that Cake will be taking with their motorcycles. The Ösa has already won the Red Dot Design Award 2020, the German Design Award 2021, and now the Swedish Design Award is added to the list. This

This award for Outstanding industrial and product design is granted by the Swedish “GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards 2021”, and we caught on to it fresh out of the Cake Instagram account.

The Swedish “Design S” awards, established in 1983 by one Svenk Form, and since has been (as their site suggests) “Sweden’s foremost and broadest design award that the entire design industry is behind.” –

The Cake team rightfully earn yet another award for ground breaking designs, respect for the environment and leading progress in electric mobility.

Cake Ösa 
electric motorcycle

“Ösa’s modular product architecture proves how functionalist engineering, optimised material choice, high serviceability and recyclability can be combined with great consideration to detail and user pleasure.

Through a design that adapts from the ground up to a diversity of users and areas of use, Ösa challenges established norms within the product segment both functionally and visually.

With Ösa, CAKE has applied design as a tool for promoting a more functional urban environment by identifying people’s need for mobility as a key issue of a sustainable city.

CAKE is also awarded for the courage to take such a great step from its previous product segment – something more industries should be inspired by.”

Cake Instagram

The modularity and options of this bike are incredible, you can choose from many baskets, hangers and hooks with various purposes and sizes, seating options, equipment and the list goes on. Just check out this video showing off some of these great customized options.

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