Hanbird (WUXI) Co.,Ltd Offer A Range Of City Riding Options With Competitive Prices

Hanbird YRC 
electric motorcycle
Hanbird YRC

The Hong Kong based Hanbird produce everything related to city mobility, from bicycle to scooters and motorcycles.

There is a continuous increase in brands coming out of the East regions in general, that bring products to market at some of the most competitive prices. Hanbird Hong Kong are one of those companies that offer a really wide range of motorcycles, city commuting machines with decent power and range. These machines are awesome for city rides, and offered at such attractive prices, we couldn’t believe.

The company’s focus is on high power electric motorcycles and scooters. They have been producing for 10 years, and for this article we will only be covering the motorcycles models they offer. Specializing in the R&D, production and distribution of electric vehicles and key spare parts and components, Hanbird Electric vehicle(WUXI) Co.,Ltd, are already delivering in South-America in countries such as Peru, Colombia and more.

Hanbird M6
electric motorcycle
Hanbird M6

The motorcycle line by Hanbird has its major variation in the motorcycle design, looks, and riding position. On the other hand, most of their motorcycles carry the same specifications. That includes a hub-motor with a power range of 2kW – 8kW you can choose from, a 72V Lithium or Lead acid battery, double disc break rear and disc break front, hydraulic shocks and adjustable rear absorber.

Most of Hanbird’s models reach a range that suits mostly in city rides, with 50-100 km of ride, and a max speed of, again, 50 – 100 km/h. This will depend on your selection in motor kW and model, as some of the models to have an even slightly better range and top speed of 180 km range, and 160km/h top speed. The battery variation is from 72V 20Ah on the smaller battery pack offered, which is 1.44kWh. The mid sized packs are 72V 40-60Ah, coming in at 2.88 – 4.32kWh, and the largest battery is a 72V 80Ah, 5.76kWh.

Their line of motorcycles includes all designs variety, style and variations for motor kW, that provides so many options you would find it hard not to see one you like. They offer many different designs, and the attractive prices are one big tipping point for these bikes. The starting price for a small model, with the smaller battery and motor pack, for example 2kW motor with 1.44kWh battery would start right about $1000 (!) and even if you want to get the largest, 8kW motor with 5.76kWh pack you would still pay only about $3,000 for any of the models offering that.

Check out an overview of the models offered by Hanbird:

Quite the offering line by Hanbird, from small and medium sized electric motorcycles, to sport, and scrambler like models. There is a model design that could suit pretty much any rider and his preferred styling and design choice.

Source: Hanbird

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  1. im interested in the m6 and have about $2500.00 will that get it to me tax, exchange and shipping, I’m in Canada, Victoria B.C??

    1. Hey Sean, From the details we were provided by the manufacturer, the M6 5000w 72V60AH would cost about $2,018.00.
      This doesn’t include shipping or tax, and price may vary when ordering a single unit.

      1. I need to know exactly how much tax and shipping are in order to pay you etc 8 need total cost please and also van you give me the price on the same except with the highest speed possible. ty

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