Pohlbock Germany, Electric Drive, The eBOCK Motocross Bike “from the heart of the Black Forest”

Pohlbock are an electric motorsport focused company, bringing its German engineering to power their eBOCK MX electric bike.

eBock in German is basically eBuck, and just like a real buck, this electric motorcycle by Pohlbock has power, agility and can it can run, fast. German engineering has always had great respect worldwide for its precision and details, high reliability and durability overtime. Pohlbock are offering a real alternative to motocross bikes, with awesome power stats, thanks to a motor they design.

Pohlbock eBock
electric motorcycle

The young company operates from the southern Black Forest, in Ühlingen-Birkendorf, Germany. They develop and manufacture electric motor drives that are also offered for conversion purposes, as well as for their MX motorcycle, the eBock.

The bike itself is designed with a removable battery, great looking pack design, which pops out in the bike. It can be set aside for a quick 30 minutes charge, back to 100%, while you put another pack and get back on the trail. This 36V battery actually has 2.8kWh, which makes it last for a ride of 90 minutes, if you take it easier. When you push the bike to its max, you can expect that driving time to run down to about 30 minutes.

The motor is one of the great features on the eBock, and Air cooled synchronous motor, with nominal 24kW nominal power, and 30kW peak. This bike only weighs 105kg, so having 550 Nm (continuous on the rear wheel) is great power output. the drive is a chain final drive, using a Renthal R1 520 chain.

The eBock has great parts all around, from 48mm Kayaba Upside down closed castdrige (fully adjustable) front suspension, to 18mm Sachs shock absorber (fully adjustable) rear. The front disc breaks are 230mm disc, and chrome-molybdenum steel double loop frame to case it all. It has great riding position, with 360mm seat height, 360mm ground clearance, 63° head steering angle at 970mm, and that overall is an MX position for taring up dirt trails.

Pohlbock offers a range of accessories for your offroad Motocross needs, like extra battery sets, a traveling charging station, and obviously bike needs like grips, foot break fitting and break clutch fitting. That shows how well they understand and provide for the needs of the MX riders and what they expect to have in their traditional ICE motorcycles. The price tag for the eBock starts at € 8,448.00 and goes all the way up to € 12,184 when you accessorize with extra battery and a charger station for travel.

 In 2017 we turned our passion for motocross sport into a profession and founded the company PohlBock GmbH & Co. KG. Since then we have been developing high-quality eCross machines for you and everything you need to electrify your cross motorcycles.


Wo gehobelt wird, da fallen auch Späne! Translated : Wherever there is planing (or a plan), there are also cracks!

Wherever there is planing, there are also cracks! You know these days: It rains and you get dirty. You can easily clean the eBock with a high-pressure cleaner without having to worry about water damage.


Source: Pohlbock

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