Czech startup MXM Unveils Electric Dirt Bike Prototype

MXM unveils first electric dirt bike prototype, and plans for a competitive speedway electric youth bike.

MXM is an upcoming Czech-German start-up, that recently unveiled the development of an electric dirt bike prototype. The company plan to specialize in electric offroad, Enduro and dirt bikes, and aim for impressive production model specifications.

The prototype looks great and is planned for an all production dirt bike that will offer swappable battery packs, high powered and cooled motor, and a twin shock suspension on a rear swingarm developed in house by MXM.

The production bike is planned to have a 42kW motor, with primary transmission developed by MXM with a chain final drive. The aspiration of MXM is to reach over 1000Nm of torque. The weight of the bike would aim to only 110kg, while carrying a 7kWh battery pack.

The motor and all drivetrain components will be cooled for better performance, and the bike has a center of gravity similar to those of modern dirt-bikes, with centralized mass for better control and steering.

This electric dirt bike has a high-strength steel frame, aluminum frame enforcement and the swingarm was developed by MXM. The rear Twin-Shock suspension is claimed to have tuned hydraulic and geometric progression, which makes the linkage unnecessary, as well as unique shim-less valve technology for improved characteristics.

We are passionate fans and riders of motocross and motorsport. We are backed by two outstanding companies, HENNLICH s.r.o. and Zwilling GmbH, both are supporting us with the development and production of this new generation of electric dirt bikes.

There are already additional plans for MXM, as they are testing an electric speedway motorcycle for youth. Two models are planned, as the equivalent of 125cc and 250cc E-Speedway motorcycles. The electric youth speedway bike will be fit for 6-13 year old riders.

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Source: e-MXM, MXM FB

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