Check Out The Tormox Mino, Max Fun on a Mini Bike

Tormox is a China based startup, and their Mino motorcycle is a light and powerful urban ride.

Tormox is a China based startup, with headquarters in Ningbo city in Zhejiang province. The Tormox Mino, is a minibike model with an emphasis on lightweight, city capable and still having a strong motor output, to make the ride just that much more enjoyable.

After recently completing a year build of their factory, Tormox will start producing and delivering the Tormox Mino electric motorcycle worldwide. The Mino, as its name, is a mini bike, that comes with a powerful motor compared to its size.

This cool but tiny looking bike carries a brushless mid-mounted motor that outputs 1.2kW nominal power at 1800 RPM, and 2.5kW peak power. That’s enables a great climbing slop capability of 15 degrees, with a carrying capacity of up to 100Kg.

There are 4 options offered for the Mino battery pack, from the smallest 1.26kWh (60V 21Ah), to 1.56kWh (60V 26Ah), 1.86kWh (60V31Ah) and lastly, the largest 2.28kWh (60V38Ah) battery. All of them are cased in aluminum hard shell, and all are swappable battery packs. The estimated range was not revealed.

The bike is built on a carbon steel frame with electrophoretic coating and utilizes an aluminum rear suspension and fork to make it even lighter. The Mino stands at a curb weight of only 68Kg, so it can be easily loaded onto a truck or a car bike wrack at the rear.

The Tomrox Mino uses a 180mm disc brakes for both front and rear wheels, equipped with single-cylinder parallel calipers. Compared with floating calipers of similar specification, it improves braking performance overall.

Despite it being a small bike, it has everything you would expect on a full sized electric motorcycle. The Mino comes with a Central Control System that improves power output by a claimed 16%, a BMS (battery management system) and cold light LCD screen. As with most new electric motorcycles, it comes with a connected App, supported by 20 sensors across the bike, and connectivity to Tormox cloud.

MINO is also equipped with a 570mm lightweight inverted hydraulic front shock absorber and 230mm rear single shock absorber. The front and rear resistance can be adjusted according to the rider’s comfort.

Main specs and features:

  • 1.2KW Nominal Power
  • 2.5KW Peak Power
  • Intelligent Central Control System
  • Cold Light LCD Screen
  • Tormox MINO, Tormox, mini electric,

Source: Tormox, Tormox YT

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