Honda U-be, A Low Cost Single Seat Electric Scooter

Honda China unveils the U-be single-seat, low cost light electric scooter.

Honda China unveil a low cost single seat electric scooter, under the name U-be. The new design concept at the core of the U-be scooter, is to keep a simple line, reduce costs and make a highly affordable electric scooter.

Honda China (Wuyang-Honda) will offer this electric scooter with 3 different battery sizes, with the top variation of the scooter carrying a price tag of only ¥3,750 – less then $580 USD. Yes, that’s right, their least expensive variant will come as cheap as $480 USD.

Based on the U-Go scooter, that was modified into a single seater, the U-be scooter then split into three battery categories. From the smallest 0.72kWh (48V 15Ah) battery, to the medium size ~1kWh (48V 20Ah) and to the largest 1.15kWh (48V 24Ah). That’s not a particularly large pack even for the largest, but the U-be is a light electric scooter, that is meant to carry only one rider.

These three battery options will carry a respective range of 55Km, 70Km and 85Km, but those were measured with a really low speed of only 20km/h and a 75Kg driver.

The actual ‘real life’ range should be fairly similar, as the scooter will be limited to 25km/h top speed. With that, this scooter is a real light weight, standing at a curb weight of only 54kg.

The Hub motor will offer an output of 350W continues power. The bike will have similar shock absorbers to the U-go, with a dual spring shock on the rear, and an inverted front fork.

The additional differences between the three models, are mostly expressed in parts, where the least expensive variant will come with a drum brake and not disc, and has a ‘simple saddle’ instead of the ‘advanced saddle’.

A short wheelbase of 1220mm, make it flexible and easy to control and maneuver. 740mm seat height allowing practically any rider to reach the ground with both feet. For better road pass-ability, the U-be has 135mm ground clearance.

Being built on the U-Go style and design, the U-be scooter has turn signal lights integrated into the headlights and taillights, comes with a similar LCD display, USB connection, High-grade two-color saddle and the same high lumens lights.

The U-be, just like the U-Go scooter, will only be available in China, and the low cost price on this bike should make it a highly attractive offering for riders.

Source: Wuyang Honda

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