Honda China Launches U-GO light electric scooter

Honda U-GO

The electric U-GO scooter by Launched by Honda China will offer both Moped level or motorcycle variant configurations.

With Honda’s “SIMPLE & CLEAN” design concept as the core of the U-GO scooter, this newly announced electric by Honda has quite the traditional look. Honda China (Wuyang-Honda) will offer this electric scooter at two configurations – for both moped and ‘motorcycle’ or scooter class.

The Hub motor will be configured to either 800W output for entry level riders. The higher powered variant for electric scooter configuration will increase the power to 1.2kW nominal and 1.8kW peak power. The top speed of 53km/h may not be extreme, but certainly suits new riders, targeting young audience and first time riders.

Using a simple and traditional design, with some refined design elements that make it look sporty. The U-GO rear end designed like a “flying wing shape” accented by a suspended taillights, giving it a more sporty look.

With a very clean look indeed, The Honda U-GO will run on a 48V/30AH battery. With an optional dual pack battery, getting a total 1.44kWh to 2.88kWh, that will support a claimed range of up to 65km per charge. With a dual pack, range increases to 130km, which is a decent range for longer distance commuting.

It’s a Honda, and as you would expect, it’s equipped like a Honda. The U-Go runs on aluminum wheels, comes with anti-theft, LCD display, 26L storage space, a USB charging port and high-lumens LED lights.

With only 83kg curb weight, the U-GO should be easy to handle and quick to maneuver, and it keeps a very clean and sporty Honda look to it.

Honda U-GO

The Honda U-Go comes with a starting price-tag of CNY 7,499 (roughly $1150 USD) for the moped level, while the electric scooter model costs CNY 7,999 ($1250 USD).

No official announcement was made whether the U-GO is expected to launch outside of China at this point in time.

Source: NewsBytes, Honda CN

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