Zapp i300 – A High Performance Full Carbon Fiber Body Electric Scooter – Technical specs review

The UK made Zapp i300 Carbon – motorcycle performance on a fully carbon bodied scooter.

With news getting hotter and faster in the electric 2-wheel space, we go back to look at Zapp i300 Carbon, an electric scooter that gets motorcycle performance. This little beast has extreme specs that puts it closer to a light motorcycle, in the L3-A1 category.

Zapp is a London, UK based company, and their i300 is not a new announcement. The company was founded in 2017, with a team of automotive professionals from all across the world, and the i300 scooter was officially announced and launched in 2019.

From day one, the Zapp electric scooter was meant to be a high-performance vehicle, and every aspect of the scooter was made for performance. From the full carbon fiber body, making it light but durable, all the way to optional cargo frame or carrier, also made of carbon. The best materials were put together to create a scooter strong enough to take on lightweight motorcycles with ease.

The Zapp i300 runs on a powerful 7.2kW (nominal power)  IPM AC motor. The motor peaks at 18kW, with up to 20HP, placing it at the L3-A1/A2 bracket, depending on your country’s regulations.

The final drive is a combination of two belts, both are carbon fiber belts, to produce high torque at the wheel. The drive system produces a max output is an exiting 85Nm of torque at the shaft, and 587Nm at the wheel. The i300 Carbon gets a top speed of 96km/h (57mph), and goes from 0-50km/h in 2.35 seconds.

The i300 Carbon will carry a 1.44kWh battery, utilizing a dual pack of 720Wh per battery pack. With this battery, the expected range is estimated at 60km on ECO driving mode. With three driving modes, you can go ECO with 4kW capped motor output, or POWER at 11kW and ZAPP mode at 18kW max output.

With these performance specs, this extreme scooter was suitably fitted with full floating 255mm disc brake, 4 pistons at the front, and a 220 disc with dual piston at the rear wheel. It also has a stable 1397mm wheel base, which should allow a smooth and comfy ride, while still getting quick steering and handling.

The price for the great UK creation stands at a starting €8,900 and it offers various optional customizations, from color schemes to seat color, rims color, carbon fiber hard carrier under the seat or just a cargo frame. All these, and particularly the optional carbon carrier allows every rider to make this scooter more unique and to his own needs.

These specs we listed are similar to those of electric off-road and light motorcycles, like CAKE, Trevor Stella or the Kymco F9 which will share specs with its Chinese sibling, the FELO FW06. All of the above carry similar specs for motor power, but none of the have a full carbon body, which impairs weight in comparison to the i300.

overall, the Zapp i300 is an awesome, and extremely powerful scooter, with an emphasis on performance that clearly shows, and a unique style of its own.

Source: Zapp

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