Saietta Group Converts a Fleet of Motorcycles to their Axial Flux Motor. Zero, Royal Enfield, Volta and more.

Saietta Group presents a proof of concept for their AFT140 Axial Flux motor, with a fleet including some of the top brands for motorcycles, electric and ICE.

In a great proof of concept move, Saietta Group has taken on the development of a number of vehicles, 4 and 2-wheelers, all of which converted to the AFT140 technology, the axial flux water cooled Saietta motor. Let’s check out some newly converted motorcycles.

Development of the fleet was done using ‘typical vehicles’, the likes of Zero motorcycles, the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650, as well as the Volta motorbike, a Hero motorbike and the Scomadi Scooter, a local UK brand for great traditional style scooters, with new-age tech.

Some of the names are companies that so far has not presented an electric model, while others like Zero and Volta offer all electric models, and this does show the potential for partnerships is huge.

Each of the vehicles was converted to the AFT140 motor, while on the Scomadi scooter, that was just a bit too much power, the motor is expected to increase range on each one of these electric motorcycles, while keeping the performance and silent operation.

Some of the fleet selections, like the Zero DS, or the Hero motorcycle, are a direct approach for the company to show potential partners what the technology can do, and how their motor can easily improve the existing range of their vehicle with no additional changes.

Since axial flux technology is considered the leading scientifically, with best output/weight ratio, the fleet presentation by Saietta becomes an extremely interesting proof of concept for a leap forward in range, without changing anything related to battery technology.

Check out the converted, Saietta blue colored conversion photos:

We covered some interesting facts on Axial Flux technology, back when Yamaha announced their 350kW motor. Considering companies like Magnax who develop similar technology, or the Triumph motor by Williams advanced engineering. Those examples reach an output of right about 13kW per Kg or slightly higher.

Check Out some of the videos by Saietta:

Zero DS

“Zero .. Also known as the Tesla of the motorbikes, an extremely well respected electric motorbike brand from America.

We bought one and converts it to AFT140 and the main differences a standard Zero is air cooled, we converse it to water cooled. to basically give you that consistent performance every time from the traffic lights in inner cities. It’s now ready to go we hope to demonstrate to Zero directly and it’s a fantastic bike, really is.”

Wicher ‘Vic’ Kist, CEO – Saietta Group.

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

The royal Enfield is actually a really good match with the AFT140. It’s more of a cruiser bike, it’s a British brand but in production in India, and are very very popular in India actually.

A key innovation something brand new on this bike… first time that we’ve tried this… the clutch lever is no longer in use, so we’ve replaced it with an electric brake. So you can effectively break yourself and that way you can put the energy back into the battery, it’s extremely intuitive. 

It’s very fun to use.

Wicher ‘Vic’ Kist, CEO – Saietta Group.


The Volta, again a fantastic example of an urban motorcycle, it’s one of the bikes I actually jump on most… Imagine living just outside of Paris and coming in and out of the city, it’s got the right power, it’s really easy to maneuver the AFT technology compliments the bike really well, totally silent, and I hope to see many many of these on the road.

Wicher ‘Vic’ Kist, CEO – Saietta Group.

Hero Motorcycle

“The hero motorbike, we’ve only just finished it, I’ve always wanted to convert a Hero. The team has just done a excellent job in converting it.

The key innovation on on this particular bike is actually the swappable battery. We strongly believe that the electrification of everything is linked to swappable batteries, so it is our duty to demonstrate that’s a 110CC performance feel is feasible with a battery that is swappable. 

I’ve just tried it and and it’s fantastic it really is enjoyable to use.”

Wicher ‘Vic’ Kist, CEO – Saietta Group.

Scomadi Scooter

“The Scomadi, it’s truly fantastic, it’s a city solutions – a British design. it’s in production in Thailand, we know the founder of the business very well, we got the bike as a 125(cc) took the petrol parts out, fitted in an AFT140 and surprise surprise it’s too fast.

So we are now in the process of converting it back to an AFT110 and we believe with swappable battery which when owls of Cape coral demonstrating this product should go into production as quickly as possible in time.”

Wicher ‘Vic’ Kist, CEO – Saietta Group.

Source: Saietta YT

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