Yamaha Motor Co, Presents the Prototype Hype-EV Motor with 350kW – Here’s what everyone missed.

Yamaha Motor Begins Accepting Orders for Their Hyper-EV Electric Motor, showcasing a single wheel setup, with 4 motors equating to 1400kW. But here’s what everyone missed.

Yamaha Motor announced today that it has developed an electric motor, and I quote “reaching the industry’s highest class in output density”. This motor is aimed to be in use for hyper-EV models and other in the high-output mobility segment. The company will start accepting orders for the development starting this month, but here’s what no one seemed to notice. With their recent announcement of cooperation for a consortium of swappable batteries and now the progress to high output motor units, Yamaha is positioning itself well for an electric future.

Since 2020, Yamaha Motor has been building prototype electric motors with smaller sizes of 35–200 kW for automobiles and other mobility applications. Now the company has also newly developed a unit boasting a maximum output in the 350 kW class (operating voltage of 800V) intended for installation and use in high-output applications.

The motor integrates all mechanical and electrical components as a single unit, integrating the gear and inverter into one unit. It was also developed with consideration to installation and use of multiple units per vehicle. Yamaha Motor plans to exhibit the 350 kW class unit and its other electric motor prototypes at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 Yokohama scheduled for May 26 to May 28, 2021.

Overall these are great news for Yamaha Motor Co, as they can utilize their capabilities and create a customized production process that enables and pushes the electric mobility space further. Yamaha is a synonym for quality, and they plan to put just that kind of top engineering into their high-power electric motors.

YAMAHA Internal Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (IPMSM) | 350kW | Oil Cooled

So, how does it compare to other motors available you might ask? Here’s what everyone missed!

In fact, we can’t really know just yet. With no full spec sheet, and specifically weight of this unit, we can’t really tell what power density Yamaha reached (per kg). These are interesting news, but it remains to be seen what the motor weight is, so we can actually make a comparison to any other motor being developed out there.

Considering the current top motors are the likes of Axial flux motors, the likes of Magnax and the recently revealed Triumph motor by Williams advanced engineering. Those examples reach an output of right about 13kW per Kg. In the Triumph example, a motor weighing about 10Kg can produce a whopping 130kW. Other examples like AVID Technology

We can, and really should expect that the motor to weigh anywhere from 27kg – 30 kg – in order to actually stand in the category of those ‘highest class in output density’ motors that currently exist. And we have already reached out to try and get some more details, so you can bet on getting them if we do.

Source: Yamaha Motor Co, Williams Advanced Engineering, AVID Technology, Magnax

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