Triumph Project TE-1 reveals phase 2 details – and we rounded them up for you.

Triumph TE-1

Triumph TE-1 prototype takes shape as it reveals great motor power combined with a beautiful sketched design.

Back in 2019, Triumph Motorcycles announced a partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Ltd, and WMG, at the University of Warwick, with the two year “TE-1 project” expected to provide significant input into potential future electric motorcycle offers from Triumph.

Now, Triumph reveal an innovative powertrain and battery as well as first sketches for the TE-1 Project.

What was revealed about the Triumph TE-1? We only got a glimpse into motor power, which is seriously awesome by all standards (we’ll cover that in details shortly), but other then that, not many details were shared for battery capacity or actual range which we always have doubts on in any case. Triumph also uncovered the sketches of an aggressive looking sport bike and we love the design.

We realize many of the sketch details may actually change a lot in time, but the current design shows a single sided swingarm with rear shock suspension, and an inverted front fork, belt drive, chassis with integrated battery-motor modules and partial fairings with great looks.

Triumph TE-1

The motor development done by Integral powertrain, produced a PMAC motor, that seems to us like an 8-pole motor with extreme output to weight ratio. They were able to get a highly lightweight motor (only 10kg) with an incredible 130kW (180 hp). When putting that side by side with axial flux motors, which are, to the best of our knowledge the most power dense motors- both achieve an impressive 13kW per kilogram. That puts the motor unit of the TE-1 at the forefront.

The battery partner, Williams Advanced Engineering or WAE, has expended on the battery capacity and design, and reveal a 15kWh battery pack, with advanced cooling, and special attention to the weight and balance for optimal riding. In addition the battery is claimed to have an output peak power of 170kW and continuous power of 90kW, and the 360-volt system also enables a fast-charging time of under 20mins (0-80%).

 “Through this innovative project, we are delivering next-generation battery technology. The energy density of this new battery will be a significant step forward giving the rider more power, for longer. And whereas existing technology limits performance at low levels of charge, our lightweight, compact solution gives the rider all of the performance all of the time – regardless of battery charge. It also delivers  class leading range.

Dyrr Ardash, Senior Commercial Manager at WAE

Some of the details still remain to be seen, such as real world range, top speed and more – we will update and report on, as Triumph set to proceed full speed ahead to phase 3 of the project TE-1, as the first prototype is expected late this year.

“The completion of Phase 2, and the promising results achieved to date, provide an exciting glimpse of the potential electric future and showcase the talent and innovation of this unique British collaboration. Without doubt the outcome of this project will play a significant part in our future efforts to meet our customer’s ambition and desire to reduce their environmental impact and for more sustainable transportation.”

Nick Bloor, Triumph CEO.

Check out the full Triumph Video reveal of TE-1 Project, Phase 2

Source: Triumph Motorcycles, Williams Advanced Engineering

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