Triumph TE-1 Electric Unveiled – The 180HP Prototype Complete

Triumph TE-1 ,
TE-1 Unveiled

Triumph TE-1 is finally unveiled, Developed in Collab with Williams Advanced Engineering – This is a 180HP beast.

The highly anticipated Triumph TE-1 is finally unveiled, as the company completes the prototype demonstrator model of its first electric bike. And the result are stunning.

Back in 2019, Triumph Motorcycles partnered with Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE hereinafter), Integral Powertrain Ltd, and WMG, at the University of Warwick, with the “TE-1 project” that took two years, the collaboration has now finally revealed the TE-1 prototype.

The motor development done by Integral powertrain, produced a PMAC motor, that appears to be an 8-pole motor with incredible power to weight ratio. With a highly lightweight motor (only 10kg) producing an incredible 130kW (~180 hp).

When putting that side by side with axial flux motors, which are, to the best of our knowledge the most power dense motors- both motor types achieve an impressive 13kW per kilogram. That puts the motor unit of the TE-1 at the forefront of existing electric powertrains.

WAE were responsible for the all-new battery, the battery pack totals a capacity of 15kWh, with peak power of 170kW and continuous power of 90kW. This enables the TE-1 to deliver 130kW of peak power and 80kW of continuous power from the battery.

The entire system is cooled in combination with power balance and to allow the TE-1 more electric power with high performance regardless of battery charge. The 360-volt system also enables a fast-charging time of under 20mins (0-80%).

Triumph TE-1 Unveiled

Additionally, WAE optimized the battery module design and layout inside the prototype chassis to balance mass and position, taking into account center of gravity, space, and its relation to the powertrain and charging approach. The vehicle control unit (capable of 500kW) has been integrated into the battery pack to minimize weight and packaging. The aggressive shape of the TE-1, combined with the naked looks and sportive lines, compose a great stylish look.

From chassis to frame, panels, wheels and final drive, Triumph were responsible for much of the development, and they picked great parts for every aspect of the TE-1. For the final drive, a Gates Carbon belt, Öhlins USD suspension, unique prototype Öhlins RSU, Brembo calipers, and Tiumph’s control software. This completes a package of beautiful design, wrapping a high-pwerformance motor with one of the highest densities, as well a good sized battery pack for good range capability.

The different aspects of the bike, and which of the companies were responsible for what:

Triumph: final chassis, including the frame, rear sub-frame, cockpit, panels and wheels, final drive system including transmission and Gates Carbon belt drive, the electronics, Öhlins USD cartridge forks, unique prototype Öhlins RSU, Brembo M50 monobloc calipers, and Triumph motorcycle control software.

– Williams Advanced Engineering: The final iteration of prototype WAE battery pack incorporating dedicated cell packaging for optimized center of gravity, vehicle control unit, DC-DC converter, integrated cooling system, charge port, and styled carbon covers.

– Integral Powertrain: The final prototype powertrain with scalable integrated inverter and combined motor with silicon carbide switching technology and integrated cooling.

– WMG, University of Warwick: final pre-live trial simulation completed, with all results indicating that the project is on track to deliver the intended performance and durability outcomes. 

The main project results during this phase include test results that exceed current benchmarks and targets set by the UK Automotive Council for 2025, laying the groundwork for further improvements in the performance of electric motorcycles in the future.

TE-1 aimed to develop electric motorcycle capabilities in order to inform Triumph’s future electric motorcycle offering, to stimulate innovation, capability, and create new intellectual property, and to enhance the credibility and profile of British industry and design.


Once the prototype demonstrator has completed live testing, its body panels and paint scheme will be updated in preparation for media engagement and active track demonstrations. During this time, the full results of the project, including the final specifications and testing results will be made public, as well as insights and key facts on how the TE-1 delivers on the project targets and sets new standards for the motorcycle sector in general, including the final battery and range.   

“It has been truly exciting to see the progress made during phase 3 of Project Triumph TE 1 with the final prototype motorcycle now going into real life testing. Everyone involved at Triumph are proud to have been part of this innovative British collaboration. Personally, I am thrilled with the results we have already achieved with our partners, and the exciting preview of the potential electric future to come.” said Nick Bloor, Triumph CEO. “We look forward to continuing the ambitious and innovative work on the TE-1 demonstrator prototype through the live testing phase and sharing the outcome with Triumph fans across the world.”

Nick Bloor, Triumph CEO

Source: Triumph, WAE, IntegralPowertrain

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