Naon Zero-One. Premium Segment Electric Scooter Made in Berlin

The German Naon Zero-One scooter aims at the premium segment with original design and advanced features.

Berlin recipe combines aesthetics and functionality with a lot of originality. For now the Naon Zero-One is still a prototype, but it is in an advanced state of development. 

Two versions are already planned : an L1e model that tops a speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) at a price of €4,920 or the more powerful L3e with a top speed of 62mph (100 km/h) and a price of €6,420. That’s in the upper price bracket, aiming for a more premium scooter segment.  

The declared autonomy of the Naon Zero-One is 140 kilometers powered by a 2.4 kWh dual battery pack. The Hub motor on the rear wheel delivers 7kW and a nominal power of 200 Nm.

Although built from separable element, the frame is made of aluminum and the battery arrangement, inside the bottom stepping platform, lowers the center of gravity and leaves storage space under the saddle. Besides the advantage of stability and handling, the storage is an additional feature that rider look for in scooters.

Despite not being the largest stroage we’ve seen, it serves it’s purpose, and is likely to have enough room to fit in your helmet, and possibly even some more than that.

The Zero-One will also come with a cool looking transparent front wind shield, and it takes on shapes that makes it stand out from the crowd. The minimalistic approach to design delivers a product with unique esthetics, that is also fine tuned to performance and power.

The team at Naon took special care of the product life cycle, with attention to reusable materials : 

The frame is built with separable elements, which facilitate repair and reuse in case of damage and, above all, easy to recycle The surface is not finished with chemically complex paints, but it receives long-lasting corrosion protection through an anodized layer and saves time in processing before recycling. For additional parts, we use unpainted plastic that can be sorted and transformed into raw material without any loss of the original properties.” 

Official delivery date has yet to be announced, as the company makes its first milestones towards production, we will keep updating on news from this front.

Source: Naon,

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