Amber Automotive to build premium electric motorcycles in India, The Alpha prototype coming in 2021

Amber Automotive India present the Amber Alpha prototype. The company is looking to complete fund raising and proceed with homologation during 2021, for a launch in 2022.

Amber automotive India are a new start-up, with great aspiration to produce all electric motorcycles in the sub-continent. India’s electric vehicle market is booming, and with the countries great adoption of two wheel rides, Amber want to offer high performance bikes to the local market. The Amber Alpha prototype present a high performance bike, while their planned Beta will be a lower motor powered bike.

While 15% of all electric vehicles in India are projected to be 2-wheelers, electric motorcycles are positioned much better become the most accepted mode for personal mobility. In India, where traffic is abundant, and mobility on 2-wheels is highly adopted, making the move to electric mobility all the more logical.

With the Amber Alpha prototype ready, the company plans to raise funds with an aim to achieve homologation specification for it, alongside development of an entry level product development over the next one year.The Amber Beta.

“India has a lot to gain by converting its ICE vehicles to EVs at the earliest.”

-NITI Aayog

The Amber Alpha packs a mid mounted PMAC motor – 15kW nominal and 35kW peak (around 46HP) and a nominal system voltage capacity of 350A. The Alpha sits on a chrome-molly tube frame housing an 8kWh Lithium battery pack, that can juice an on-paper, range is 230km and claimed to be real life range.

With added features like a 3.2 kW Onboard charger, fast charge time of 3.5 hours, Front and rear disc brakes (BYBRE) with electronic ABS, and more, the Alpha offers a great package for an affordable price.

The top speed is 165 km/h, and Upside Down Front Fork, Rear Monoshock, LED headlamp and tail lights, as well as a 5.5” touchscreen. The Alpha will have a target price of ₹5,50,000, just under $7500 US.

Amber have set their targets to produce 10 units of the Alpha in 2021, with at least 5 homologation specification prototypes and a minimum 5 Production ready models. The company plans to produce as many as 300 bikes of the Alpha model during 2022, if they hit all the milestones for 2021.

For more details on investing opportunities visit Amber Automotive’s website.

Source: Amber Automotive

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