UAE-Based EV Manufacturer One Moto Goes official with Fleet Services and Urban Commuter Scooters

Launched in 2018, One Moto is offering a fleet of electric vehicles, from electric motorcycles & scooters, to delivery and grocery vans.

One Moto is a Dubai based start-up, that will aim to provide more than just fleets and electric scooters for the last mile industry. The company is now officially launched with several models in their offering, from electric motorcycles and scooters, to delivery and grocery vans. Of course, we took special interest in the 2-wheellers offered by One Moto.

The company started, with the idea by Adam Ridgway, in 2016. Adam was a motorcycle license holder in UAE for the past 13, saw the opportunity for electric mobility, specifically for the last mile service.

In 2018, Ridgway launched One Moto, an EV manufacturer that will offer 2 and 4 wheelers, in a fleet of vehicles such as electric bikes, scooters, delivery and grocery vans, that will serve the last-mile industry, as well as urban commuters.

 “I walked out of a car garage, and I saw a spectrum of delivery bikes awaiting service, and I went to inspect them. Some were 4-5 years old, with several hundred thousand kilometers on the clock, and I started wondering if anyone had an electric delivery bike.”

Adam Ridgway, Founder & CEO One Moto

This will present an important land mark for sustainable energy in the Gulf region. The company is a pioneer in their country, the very first makers of electric motorcycles in the UAE. With models that take on classical design style and combine them with an electric powered (hub) motor ranging from 500W on the RYDA e-bike, 2kW power for the COMMUTA scooter, and 4kW on the BYKA delivery scooter and the ELECTA classic looking Vespa style scooter.

“Being a first-mover came with its challenges, as it was the first time Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) and the UAE’s Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) had undergone this implementation,”

“18 months later, we were set, fully certified to European standards, then received the certifications from the UAE government- we were set to champion change.” 

Adam Ridgway, Founder & CEO One Moto

Let’s check out the models offered on One-Moto’s website:

ELECTA – Classic looks, new technology.

This cool looking scooter runs on a 4kW hub motor, pushing a speed of up to 85km/h. The removeable battery takes 4-5 Hours for a recharge, and with a 72V 45Ah, or 3.24kWh battery pack the ELECTA get a range of approximately 90-150km. Curb weight of 115kg, and a good wheel base of 1390mm this electric scooter is one of the best traditional looks, with great (optional) chrome additions, it truly stands out to the eye.

COMMUTA – The traditional commuting scooter.

The CUMMUTA electric scooter comes with a slighly lower powered, 2kW hub motor, and a top speed of 55 km/h. The battery pack is also removable, with 60V 27.5Ah, or 1.65kWh and that will take you to a max range of 80km. That would make for a decent range for commuting to work, short drives in urban areas and more. With that, the charging time is still 4-5 hours.

BYKA – The delivery bike

The BYKA delivery scooter will also use a 4kW hub motor, with a max speed of 85km/h. The removeable battery takes 4-5 Hours for a recharge, and with a 72V 48Ah, or 3.45kWh battery pack the BYKA can get a range of about 90-150km. Curb weight of 110kg, making the BYKA light and easy to handle.

971 RYDA – The Vintage E-bike twist

This great vintage looking E-bike runs on 26 inch wheels, with a 500W hub motor, and top speed of 50km/h. With aluminum alloy frame, and carrying a 48V/11.6Ah battery, that should last for a range of 60km. The 971 RYDA comes with standard double-piston disc brake and color to order. Spring suspended seat, the battery faux motor looks, and all the way through to the front springs, the classic vintage motorbike look, on and electric bike looks amazing. We’ll let you be the judge.

Source: One Moto, Entrepreneur

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