Honda unveils electric versions of iconic Dax, Cub and Zoomer scooters in China

Honda Unveils Electric Dax, Cub, and Zoomer Models

Honda has announced electric versions of its iconic Dax, Cub, and Zoomer models, but with a catch: they’ll only be available in China and with pedals.

During a presentation in Shanghai, Honda unveiled three new electric models that pay homage to the company’s past successes. The timeless lines of the Dax and Cub, and the unconventional design of the Zoomer, have been reinterpreted for the Chinese market with a focus on the needs and tastes of the country’s Gen Z.

This announcement follows our previous coverage of Honda’s foray into the electric space, including the U-Go and U-be models, which are designed as a low-cost, single-seat electric scooter. These recent additions to Honda’s electric lineup demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to the growing electric motorcycle market and its efforts to cater to a diverse range of consumer needs.

In China, there are three categories of electric motorcycles. In addition to EM (Electric Moped) with a maximum speed of 26-50 km/h and EV (Electric Vehicle) with a maximum speed above 51 km/h, there’s also the EB classification, or Electric Bicycle, with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Unlike in other countries, this category includes not only traditional e-bikes, but also products that resemble scooters or mopeds. However, they must have pedals.

Technical Specifications – Honda Cub e:

The Cub e comes at a retail price of ¥5,999. It has a simple and modern design with a “SIMPLE-COMFORT” inspiration. Features include a smart system, 48V/20Ah lithium battery, front disc brakes, NFC/Bluetooth unlocking (specific details can be obtained from local dealers), a round LED headlight, multi-functional instrument panel, minimalistic tail and turn lights, a unique exposed frame, 17 inch wheels, a triangular seat, and an LED headlight with a brightness of 6000cd.

Technical Specifications – Honda Zoomer e:

The Honda ZOOMER boasts a unique aesthetic, configured with a Wi-Box five sheep Honda smart link system, a 48V/24Ah lithium battery, front and rear disc brakes, Smartkey intelligent lock, and Bluetooth unlock. It has dual round headlights, an exposed steel pipe frame, all-terrain tires, and a split handlebar design. The technology is advanced, with a high conversion efficiency of 85%, strong power, low energy consumption, and low noise, quick acceleration and multi-protect lithium battery with a long range of up to 90km, as well as waterproof, shock-resistant, low temperature and over-discharge and under-voltage protection. It is suggested to retail at CNY 6,099

Technical Specifications – Honda Dax e:

The Honda Dax is a classic-looking electric scooter with a sense of future fashion. It has a smart system, 48V/24Ah lithium power, precise brake and NFC/Bluetooth unlock. It also has a fashion retro round light with lensed headlights for safer night riding and an HD VA LCD instrument for wider vision. The riding posture is redefined for an unruly or wind experience and it has a mini Chao cool body for more flexible control. Other features include no key unlock, mid-end shock of fashion movement, large wetland anti-skid tires, motorcycle-grade hydraulic shock before, high-quality front disc brake, high-intensity large diameter integrated frame, motorcycle-grade quality cushion and bian pu switch. The retail price is ¥5,999.

Honda’s new models, the Cub E, Dax E, and Zoomer E, fall into this category and are targeted at young people who want both mobility and style. The company’s slogan for the launch, “Electric Evolution, Colorful Future,” highlights the focus on design and image.

These models may serve as a glimpse into Honda’s future electric lineup, and could potentially inspire designs for models sold in other markets.

Source: Honda China (Wuyang-Honda)

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