BMW Unveils the Concept CE02 Electric

BMW reveals an urban minimalistic and stylish design, the Concept CE02 electric.

BMW Motorrad is presenting a brand new electric model, the Concept CE02. Only a couple of months after the company officially unveiled the Concept CE04, and just a week ahead of the IAA Mobility 2021.

The brand new Concept CE 02 is a compact electric motorcycle with a decent range of 90km (55 miles) for urban environments, and it’s designed to appeal to a young audience of 16 years and over. That’s an approach for an audience that BMW is now attempting to win over.

With the Concept CE 02, a new interpretation of smart, urban single-track mobility …. The electric vehicle concept, which is neither a classic motorcycle nor a scooter, is an exciting and highly emotional mobility offer.

This new model was launched along with urban riding gear, in the form of a connected jacket. Similarly to the launch of the Concept CE 04 electric maxi scooter, the company wants to offer a complete suit of technology to compliment the ride, and make a fashion statement that could appeal to the younger audience.

“At first glance, there is little about the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 that is typically BMW Motorrad – it’s something completely new. We want to strive for something novel and be pioneers – which is what we’ve proven ourselves capable of with various projects in the past.

The Concept CE 02 features new proportions and modern forms of single-track mobility in an urban environment. In addition, we wanted to achieve a level of design innovation that we have not had before at this level. Straightforward use was important, but above all the emotional component was crucial, as well as riding fun,”

Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad

The overall look of the bike reveals the new style and design of the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 at first sight. The seat is slightly ‘floating’ over the chassis, with a great looking tail light complementing the seat design.

With compact dimensions, the concept CE 02 still carries a motors that peaks at 11kW, suitable for a license class A1. The lightweight BMW weighs about 120 kg, making it a good fit for urban use with a stylish way of commuting. A top speed of 90 km/h and a range of 90 km makes it an urban vehicle with all the style the company can offer.

“We wanted to develop an easily accessible two-wheeler for everyone who wants
to be mobile and independent,”

“The BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 is a reliable companion on a day-to-day basis. You love it because it’s always there for you and it just works – even if you occasionally don’t treat it as carefully as you might. And there are stickers, tapes and other forms of customization that make it quite clear to everyone that it belongs to you. It embodies youthful freedom and a carefree spirit – rather like a skateboard on two wheels.”

Alexander Buckan, Head of Vehicle Design BMW Motorrad.

The simple aesthetic style of the bike were though of carefully, and made to appeal. Two large-size wheels, disc wheel rims, and disc brakes on both. The mid mounted motor stands out in color from the rest of the dark color scheme, and the battery which was not specified in size, but was revealed to be a dual pack.

The seat and rider position is more versatile, adapted for leaning far back with feet first or leaning forward with your feet on the rear footrests.

The front LED headlights designed in a black square, with four distinctive elements. The rear light is made of two small, translucent LED leaves that are fixed to both sides of the rear seat. In combination with the disc wheels and a single-sided swing arm, the drive belt, handlebars and fork comprise an excellent simplistic and urban design and great attention to detail.

The equipment offered with the Concept CE 02, similarly to the CE 04, is a stylish looking “connected jacket”. The two jacket styles made for male and female riders, and offer a functional jacket that interacts with the bike.

Both rider equipment variants feature protection as part of the graphic statement. A newly developed technique (GRDXKN®) allows a protection function to be printed on. This integrated, volume-forming material is abrasion-resistant and impact-absorbing. It creates a completely new interplay of graphics and structure in both outfits, thereby raising function and design to the same level.

The women’s jacket shows off the neon-orange colour of the print through its slightly transparent Windstopp material, while golden reflective graphics and colourful colour gradients create attractive design stimuli.

The 3D structure of the print comes into its own in the men’s jacket. The petrol-coloured details and the white graphics harmonise with the colour scheme of the concept bike to round off the overall appearance.

It was possible to produce and manufacture the rider equipment almost exclusively in collaboration with regional experts and suppliers in Germany.

Source: BMW

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