Segway Launch Their 2022 Line-up, and the E110A Electric scooter

Segway, the E110A e-Scooter officially announced at the company’s 2022 Press Day event.

Segway Ninebot launched their 2022 line-up during their Press Day yearly event, revealing the kick-scooter line up, along side the new E110A electric scooter. The new scooter is one of the few seated vehicles made by the company so far.

The new Segway GT-series and P-series, along with the E110A, combine performance with reliability and sustainability, helping riders tackle their commutes in comfort and style. In parallel, Segway also introduced the Shredder Kit for Ninebot S, Ninebot S Pro, and Ninebot S MAX owners to transform their experiences.

Since there are plenty of kick-scooters out there for us, and plenty of great channels that cover them, we’ll stick to the seated 2-wheelers this time around.

Segway E110A – Be Smart, Ride On

The E110A isn’t the fastest of electric scooters, and it isn’t trying to be. Running a top speed of 30mph from the 1.1kW Hub motor, peaking an output of 1.5kW or 88Nm torque. It will come with a battery pack of 1.8 kWh (38 Ah) that reaches a typical range of 35.5 miles. It’s a good range for city short commuting, but the battery recharge time can take approximately 6 hours.

The new Segway addition is a real light weight, coming in at 198.4 lbs (90 kg), so that maneuverability and riding agility of this scooter would be smooth.

“Segway is proud to continue our long tradition of innovation and leadership in the personal transportation sector. The past 2 years have been tough for everyone, but with our latest unveiling of three new product categories here in sunny California today, we expect to provide more SIMPLY MOVING services and green-energy, smart personal mobility products here in the future. The future of micro-mobility starts right here in California, with a Segway Smile,”

Alex Huang, SVP of Segway-Ninebot and President of Segway Global Business Center.

The E110A is a smooth design style, with all the comfort you expect from an electric ride. Its high-visibility front LED lights, digital dashboard and the kickstand blend into the frame seamlessly to create an all around modern luxury look.

Designed to carry up to two commuters, the Segway E110A e-Scooter features a roomy 27L seat bucket–a huge storage space for baggage. Its run on tubeless tires, front and rear disc brakes, and IPX5 water resistance are ready to help the rider navigate through urban traffic.

Riders can track the location of their E110A by using Segway-Ninebot App when not in use. Also included in the e-Scooter are remote key and password unlock capabilities, as well as the vehicle’s 30 BMS protection measures for battery safety.

Style and simplicity in motion. Your daily commute has never been more relaxing. This eco-friendly scooter provides room for two, ultimate storage space and an expansive set of smart features to make every ride as smooth as can be.

Check out the full line released by Segway Ninebot Here

Source: Segway, Global News Wire Press release

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