Kawasaki EV Motorcycle Unvailed At Intermot

Kawasaki EV

Kawasaki unveils first electric motorcycle prototype at Intermot

Tuesday, October 3rd, at the Intermot motorcycle fair in Cologne, Kawasaki gave a glimpse of just one option for future motive power by unveiling the prototype of a promised EV motorcycle. A full disclosure as to the Kawasaki EV specification was not made so far.

Kawasaki had first brought the EV prototype to the track at the Suzuka 8 Hour event. After a long wait, now revealing the motorcycle for the crowd, the EV motorcycle was one element of a wide-ranging speech presented by Managing Director of Kawasaki Motors Europe, Mr Masaya Tsuruno.

During his speech, Mr Hiroshi Ito, the President of Kawasaki Motors, expressed commitment of the company to present at least three electric vehicles globally by 2022. The prototype – that was on display only throughout the Press Conference – would be the basis of the future production machine.

While maintaining Kawasaki’s continuing commitment to Internal Combustion Engines, Mr Tsuruno added that both E-fuel and Bio-fuel were among the options considered, as well as the much reported research into hydrogen as a potential carbon neutral choice.

Kawasaki is well placed to play a significant part in the new and emerging EV technology, bringing their years of undoubted internal resourced and experience, in addition to an enviable track record of internal combustion engine innovation.

And, as Mr Tsuruno revealed, the company is also actively involved in partnerships which are not limited to just the 2-wheel space but also encompass both automotive and other future-focused technologies, commenting that:

“We are highly motivated and strongly connected and will continue our research and development”.

Mr Masaya Tsuruno, Managing Director of Kawasaki Motors Europe
Kawasaki EV

During the event closing, Mr Tsuruno revealed that the company is committed to further strengthening the Kawasaki brand, to offer products (and services) that meet customer needs, expend research into carbon neutrality and continue to explore every opportunity.

The unveiling did not include any actual technical specifications so far, and we will surely keep an eye out on further reports from Kawasaki, as they edge closer to production of the prototype.

Heating up the light weight E-moto category:

The light E-moto sector has begun heating up significantly across many regions in recent years. With many models offering power ranges of 8-14 kW (10 HP – 20 HP), and a battery capacity that can support that motor power.

Kawasaki can successfully impact the category with two offerings in the same power class as competitor motorcycles, the Japanese manufacturer could be a top competitor. Kawasaki has already laid the grounds with their agreement for a consortium-developed standard for swappable batteries.

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