Kawasaki Elektrode, Company Unveils First Electric Model, A Balance Bike

Kawasaki Elektrode

Kawasaki’s first electric motorcycle, the Elektrode balance bike, offers youth riders an entry level bike to grow with.

Kawasaki dropped teasers for its first electric 2-wheeler, already expected to be named Elektrode, about 3 weeks ago, with an official release date of June 7. Now, the company fully unveils the electric balance bike that will give young riders a great entry bike they can grow and develop their skill set with.

Even though Kawasaki has patented hybrid systems for motorcycles in the recent year, as well as trademarked the name E-boost, their first electric model is an all-electric one. Kawasaki also announced a plans to release 10 electric or hybrid motorcycles by 2035 and additional models of 4-wheelers by 2025.

Despite predictions, The first of the company’s electric plan announcements, revealed the Kawasaki’s Elektrode will be a balance bike for youth. The adult riders will apparently have to wait for an electric or even hybrid model, while your young riders can soon have some all-electric fun, on a Kawasaki.

Elektrode specifications (the best parts)

The Kawasaki Elektrode offers 3 power modes (High / Mid / Low), and gets a top speed (by Mode H/M/L) of 13 mph / 7.5 mph / 5 mph, or 21 km/h, 12 km/h, 8 km/h. Featuring a 250W brushless hub electric motor, the Elektrode offers a quiet, maintenance free ride.

The Elektrode is made on an aluminum frame making it lighter then usual, standing a curb weight of 31.97 lbs (14.5 kg). The Lithium-ion, in-frame battery, carries a 36V 5.1Ah (0.1872 kWh) capacity, and stands to run a ride of nearly 2 hours (150 minutes). Charging the battery back up can take an approximate 2.5 hours.

Adjustable seat height, handlebar position, and brake lever reach makes these balance bike suitable for a wider range of potential riders. Motocross style handlebar with twist throttle gives an authentic riding sensation, in addition to foldable steel footpegs, and 160 mm mechanical disc brake (rear only) to complete the package of the Elektrode.

The all new 2023 Elektrode will come with a MSRP price of $1,099. We’ll let you judge if that’s a steep price for a Kawasaki, even just for a youth bike.

The Elektrode™ is designed to resemble a big-kid motorcycle rather than a child’s bicycle. Styling features include Kawasaki KX™-style front number plate, KX-inspired color and graphics, high quality paint, and motocross-inspired knobby tires.

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Source: Kawasaki

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