Greenger Powersports Partners with Honda For The CRF-E2 Mini Electric MX

Greenger Powersports and Honda partners to make the CRF-E2, another competitor in the Electric Youth bike category

Greenger Powersports, the California based company, has just unveiled the CRF-E2, an electric mini-motorbike MX and a Honda Official Licensed Product. This mini electric MX motorcycle will be first to carry the Honda CRF renowned name.

For over a year now, we have been following Greenger, and the company offers models that are great for kids, and has all the features and specs you would expect from a dirt MX bike, even for youth.

As the interest grows in electric 2-wheelers across the globe, it was only a matter of time until the Youth Category of electric bikes will grow along with it. KTM SX-E 5 and Husqvarna EE 5 off-road electric minibikes were previously introduced to the youth MX division. Now, Honda has entered the youth electric offroad motorsports market with the Greenger powered CRF.

The new Honda Greenger CRF will be the equivalent of a 50cc, with motor output of 1.2kW nominal to 2.5kW peak power. This equates to 5.5Nm to a Max 25Nm of torque at 4000 rpm.

The swappable battery lasts up to two hours or riding tops, with 20 Ah, 960 Wh. Young riders can recharge the CRF-E2 back to it’s full capacity in 4 Hours (standard charger) or  in 2.5 hours (quick charger). The battery only weighs 13 pounds, making it easy to swap for a fully charged backup.

Featuring an aluminum twin-spar frame with double cradle, the frame also prioritizes performance with a preload and rebound-adjustable rear shock. Due to this design, the CRF-E2 has 3.9 inches of travel at the front and 8.3 inches at the rear. The mini-MX electric uses hydraulic brake calipers mated to 190 mm petal-style discs, both brakes using hand levers.

The wheels are shod in Kenda® Millville K771 knobby tires and measure 12 inches in diameter. An adjustable seat height, going from 24.8 inches to 25.5 inches ensures the bike can still fit your child as he grows up. The ultra light e-dirt bike weighs in at 108 pounds (49Kg) and can carry a load of 99 pounds (45Kg).

Honda licenses the CRF-E2 for use, but Greenger Electronic Technology designs, manufactures, and distributes the electric minibike. Starting at a price of $2,950, the CRF is in the mid range of price between the KTM SX-E 5, Husqvarna EE5 and the Indian eFTR Junior. With an additional $200 destination charge and $100 freight fee, it still offers an affordable price and great value for this minibike’s performance and fun.

Honda CRF E2

Source: GreengerPowersport

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