Greenger Motors Has Some All- Electric Fun For All The Family

Greenger G12-S – Image by Greenger Motors

Greenger Motors US offer several kids beginning E-bikes, and for you adults as well. Fun rides with the kids.

Greenger motors US is another great brand that offers US made all electric motorcycles. Their models for kids are awesome, and have a great offering range for beginners. Great off road fun with the kids starts here, and it’s all electric. The Greenger motors heaviest model in this line up is the G400-R. So let’s start with the big boys bike first.

The G400 offers an 8kw motor, coupled with their 4.32 kWh battery pack. That gets a ride of about 100km, or 62 miles. The top speed you can get from the G400-R is up to 52 mph (85kmh). Charging time for the battery we already mentioned, is 6 full hours.

So, then we go into the coolness factor for Greenger motors. For only $5,999 you can own the G400-R, and you will then want to go ahead and check out the G12-A, G12-S and G12-R models for kids. They are just awesome youth bikes, that have main difference in size and style.

All of the Greenger youth models come with a  500W, 48V DC motor.Then there’s a battery pack of 0.5 kWh, or just plainly put – 48V 12A battery. And that’s very sufficient for the serving the purpose of beginner bike and getting your your rider to increase his learning curve. Top speed on the youth models is a safer 25mph (40kmh), and it can last a ride of about 30 km (18.6 miles). The Greenger youth will charge back up in only 3.5 hours. Price varies from $1,280 for the G12-A, $1,599 for the G12-R and $1,699 for the G12-S.

All of the above are fully equipped to handle the off road rough terrain with ease. The specification on these include Preload adjustable and damping rear shock, front fork suspension, hydraulic disc breaks and an aluminum frame. Just take a look for yourself, and see if these youth models don’t look like fully grown motocross rides for adults.

We see these models, and love it. First of all – always great to say companies that help bike lover pass down their enthusiasm down a generation. Secondly, the bikes are really cool, fitted to ride and have fun, and come with a great price for the return you get.

Via: Greenger Motors

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