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Zero FX
Zero FX – Image by Zero

Zero FX is another success bike from the line up of great engineered bike by Zero motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles continue to bring great quality and engineering to their line of motorcycles. One model that we took special interest in was the Zero FX, similarly to the FXs this is dirt bike framed motorcycle, that is quite likely the ultimate off-road bike. The frame we mentioned was developed by Zero, and allows the bike to flow easily over rough terrain without major corrections needed by the rider. With excellent handling and light weight it stands out in its category of dirt bikes and off road.

As Zero has done with its models, there are two power variations, FX ZF3.6 MODULAR and FX ZF7.2. These come with a 27 hp, 20 kW motor
46 hp, 34 kW motor. As the model name suggests, the battery output power varies for these models between 3.6kWh to 7.2kWh for the stronger model. That is great power and for the standing weight of 247/289 lbs, (112/131kg) so both models are strong.

The FX has a range that suits an off-road, with the lighter 3.6kWh model only getting a range of 27-46 miles depending on where and how you travel, highway or city. And then the 7.2kWh model does have a better range of 54 to 91 miles, which still puts both of those statistics in a good range compared to other dirt bikes, off-road and similar in their category bracket.

Design for Zero has always been key, and they develop much of their parts, and frames all as a symbiotic unit. The FX definitely has a size and look that shows how the engineers kept it slim, light, and just the right height and angle for it to perform like the off-road beast it is. If you choose it as your commuting machine (another valid option) the riding position is still be quite comfy.

The price for the FX models comes in at $8,995 for the standard basic option of the 3.6kWh pack. The 7.2kWh battery will increase the price to $10995. Both prices are very reasonable and affordable, as Zero continue to dominate in getting great technology out with each model, and maintaining scale and affordability for the riders.

Zero FX
Zero FX – Image by Zero

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